Thursday, November 25, 2021
Fabiana Bianchi

Super Green Pass and vaccine obligation: here are the new rules

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The Government has passed the new decree which provides for the so-called Super Green Pass or Enhanced Green Pass which will come into effect from the 6 December 2021.

These are further measures to contain the Coronavirus pandemic and act in four sectors:

Green Pass obligation and validity extended

The decree provides that the "basic" Green Pass obligation is extended to new sectors. Let's talk about hotels, places where sports are practiced such as gyms and swimming poolsServices regional and interregional rail transport and local public transport services, included bus and metro. So in these cases the basic Green Pass is sufficient.

The point has been confirmed that for under 12s there is no obligation to have a Green Pass. Furthermore, the validity of the Green Pass is reduced from 12 to 9 months.

The Super Green Pass: what it is

The Super Green Pass is the certification only for the vaccinated and those who have recovered from Covid, while the "basic" Green Pass that we already know is the one that can also be obtained by taking a swab. The Super Green Pass allows those who own it to participate in certain activities and access the premises, compared to those who do not, as we will see better below, and there are differences depending on the color of the Regions.

The Super Green Pass, in particular, it is used to access shows, sporting events, restaurants and indoor clubs, parties, discos and public ceremonies. The only exception is for the carers of non self-sufficient or disabled people who are not required to have the Super Green Pass. 

In the white area

For the moment, in the Regions in the white zone the Super Green Pass is valid only during the period 6 15 from December to January, so in the Christmas period for shows, sporting events, restaurants and indoor clubs, parties, discos and public ceremonies. From 15 January it will be decided whether to extend the measure also for the white area.

In the yellow and orange zone

The Super Green Pass is required to access activities that would normally be closed in the yellow and orange zone, in addition to those already mentioned for the white zone. As mentioned, let's talk about areas such as shows, sporting events, indoor restaurants, parties, discos and public ceremonies.

Le additional restrictions between the Regions in the yellow zone and those in the orange zone are valid only for those who do not have the Super Green Pass. Therefore, the restrictions do not start for everyone, but only those who have the Super Green Pass can access the activities and those who do not have the reinforced Green Pass, i.e. the unvaccinated and those who swab.

In the red zone

The new decree it does not apply to the red zone and restrictions in these areas will continue to apply to everyone, vaccinated and unvaccinated.


As already mentioned, but better specify more clearly, from 6 December the basic Green Pass will also be mandatory for local public transport, therefore also for bus and metro, other than regional and interregional rail transport.

Obligation of the third dose

According to the decree, the obligation of the third booster dose is extended to the health workers starting from December 15th. You can be excluded from the obligation if you choose to be assigned to different tasks.

Vaccination obligation

The obligation to get vaccinated is also extended to police, defense, security and public aid, but also al school staff, again from December 15th. Therefore, the categories for which there is the obligation are: administrative staff of health, military, police forces and penitentiary police, teachers and administrative staff of the school, staff of the public aid.

Checks on the Green Pass

The decree also speaks of strengthen controls on the Green Pass and the Super Green Pass. Within three days from the entry into force of the decree, the Prefects must listen to the Provincial Order and Security Committee and within 5 days they must adopt the new control plan together with the police forces. Each week, the prefectures must draw up a report to be sent to the Ministry of the Interior.

They will have to be done more targeted controls by making differences between vaccinated and unvaccinated, although some issues relating to the protection of privacy remain, since the controller will be able to know who is vaccinated and who is not.

Obligation of masks

Regarding the masks, there are no changes for which the active provisions so far apply. We remember that in Campania there is theobligation to wear the mask also outdoors. Of course, it should also be worn in all closed places, on means of transport and in cases where it can create crowds.

In general, the decree provides that it is always mandatory outdoors in the yellow, orange and red areas.

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