Friday, 15 October 2021
Fabiana Bianchi

Mandatory Super Green Pass in the workplace: here are rules and fines

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From the 15 October 2021 il Green pass Sara mandatory in all workplaces and Italy will be the first European country to include this provision.

The decision was taken by the government in confrontation with the leaders of the trade unions, a confrontation that turned out to be very tough, but which saw Prime Minister Mario Draghi continue undaunted with the decree.

So, from October 15th to December 31st all public and private employees they must be in possession of the Green Pass to be able to go to their workplaces.

For whom is the Super Green Pass obligatory

Those who work in the areas must have the Green Pass public administrations, the staff of the independent administrative authorities, including the National Commission for Society and the Stock Exchange and the Supervisory Commission on pension funds, the Bank of Italy, public economic bodies and In addition, the obligation is valid for all those who work for the administrations, also on the basis of external contracts.

As regards the private sector, the Green Pass is mandatory for all those who work in the private sector. Also applies to self-employed e carers.

Smart working obligation

Does anyone in smart working have to be in possession of the Green Pass? There is still no precise line in this sense, but the Government's intention is to make it clear that lack of certification is not a reason to work remotely from home. It is specified that, if the employer asks a worker to work in smart working, then he cannot apply for the Green Pass as it serves to enter the workplace and not to work itself.

The exempted subjects

The subjects have no obligation exempt from the vaccination campaign in possession of appropriate medical certification.

Also children under 12 years they are not required to hold the Green Pass, as well as who received the ReiThera vaccine (both one and two doses) during the Covitar trial period. Furthermore, those who for proven health reasons cannot receive the vaccine, must show a certificate with a QRCode being prepared.

Control of the Green Pass in the workplace

The possession of the Green Pass in public and private workplaces will be checked by a responsible for checks who will be an office manager or a department head, chosen by top management as is already the case for schools and universities. It will also have to check that the identity of the worker matches to the one indicated on the Green Pass.

The employer must organize itself by 15 October and each administration and company is independent in carrying out checks, even on a sample basis. They must be done to at least 20% of the employees with priority at the time of access to the workplace.

Heavy fines and suspension from work

Those who do not have the Green Pass will incur very high fines, but the workers will not be fired. These are the same penalties envisaged for the school world: those who do not have the Green Pass will be considered absent unjustified and the fine will vary between the 600 and the 1500 euro, with the possibility of an increase in case of falsification of the Green Certification. In this case, the worker can also be reported.

After 5 days of unjustified absence, the suspension and no wages or other fees will be paid, not even the social security component. You can only re-enter your workplace if you have a Green Pass.

Il employer that is not organized by 15 October may incur a fine between the 400 and the 1000 euro.

Green Pass mandatory for everyone to increase vaccines

The extension of the Green Pass obligation was decided for encourage even more the increase in vaccinations, which in this period are proceeding slowly. An important goal especially in view of winter and the arrival of cold temperatures that could cause a flare-up of the Covid pandemic.

It is hoped, in this way, to reach a very high number of immunized people in a short time, about 3-4 weeks, to ensure that Italy enters a "Safety Zone". A sort of" social immunity ".

Currently 44 million vaccinated in Italy, out of 54 million vaccinated, while 39 million people have received both doses.

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