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Free events

Looking for the best free events in Naples? Napolike offers you a selection of events, concerts, exhibitions and much more, completely free!

In Naples and in Campania the International Day of the Tourist Guide is celebrated with free visits and a fundraising for ...

Events, parades, colorful parties, games and court dances for the 2019 Carnival in Naples and its province!

The allegorical wagons and the masks of the colorful Scampia 2019 Carnival animate the streets of the Naples district!

A lot of entertainment for the little ones and not only for the Vomero for the Neapolitan Carnival 2019 that will involve the main streets of the ...

Exhibitions, chocolate parties, guided tours and Carnival with free events in Naples during the weekend from 15 to 17 February 2019.

Chocolate, pastenaca meatballs and the mandarin festival among the festivals in Campania during the weekend from 15 to 17 February 2019.

2019 Carnival in Herculaneum: lots of fun guaranteed with games, children's entertainment and masked parades!

The best parades of allegorical floats between Naples and the rest of Campania for the 2019 Carnival period.

Mahmood, winner of the Sanremo 2019 Festival, awaits you at the Feltrinelli in Naples for the signature of his album Gioventùbr ...
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