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The new Citymood 56 buses are all on the road in Naples and integrate the busiest lines.

The timetables of the ANM metro line 1, Naples Funiculars and buses for 2018 Christmas. Here are the info for the 24 and 25 December.

The ANM timetables for the 1 subway line, Funiculars and buses for the 2019 New Year in Naples.

The ANM bus routes to Naples for cemeteries during the period of the Commemoration of the Dead 2018.

The first new XMUMX bus ANM model Citymood 30 with on-board WiFi, wheelchair ramp and GPS arrive in Naples.

Open until night the Bagnoli parking lot for the Napoli-Parma match of the 26 September 2018 at an affordable price.

24 strike in Naples for Friday 28 September 2018 involving the 1 metro line, the buses and the ANM Funiculars.

Schedules of the 4 strike in Naples on Friday 7 September 2018 involving 1 subway line, buses and Funiculars.

The 24 hour strike in Naples for the 13 2018 July involving 1 metro line, Funiculars and buses. Here are the times.
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