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first dishes

The recipe of the little known risotto "brusciato", a tasty first course of the Campania tradition.

Pasta and lentils according to the tradition of Campania, here is the recipe of a first peasant taste.

An imaginative recipe for recycling, with the baccalà as the undisputed protagonist. Here's how to prepare spaghetti with cod and ...

A rich first course that harks back to one of the traditional recipes of Campania cuisine: the lasagna we taste it with the flavors of the sea.

Corroborant and nutritious, with the risotto with beans and pork rind, there is only a mustache. Here is the recipe.

Rich dish that embellishes the first fruits of the beautiful season, easy and fast the recipe of Fusilli with saffron.

Pasta and peas is one of the most famous traditional Neapolitan recipes, enriched by the special touch of bacon!

The recipe for linguine with sparnocchie, also called mantis shrimps or cicadas, a very fragrant first course.

The recipe for pasta with swordfish ragout is a rich first course really tasty!
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