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first dishes

An economic first to prepare in a few minutes? Here is the recipe for paccheri allo scarpariello!

Puveriello macaroni is a tasty main course that honors the Neapolitan tradition. Here is our recipe!

The recipe for larded ziti, a rich combination of flavor in the form of a traditional first of Neapolitan cuisine

Rich and tasty, the Timballo di maccheroni is one of the recycling dishes par excellence. Here is our recipe!

A kind of salad pasta with vegetables and fresh vegetables, pasta and summer beans is an irresistible dish!

The recipe for spaghetti alla Nerano, a first course suitable for all palates, above all for smoked lovers!

The recipe for tuna sauce, a tasty sauce to taste with pasta!

Stuffed conchiglioni are an ideal lunch for outings, here is our recipe!

A simple first and quick, the Neapolitan linguine are so good to lick your mustache!
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