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At Capodimonte will take place "Anema e Core", an event with a market of craft products, music and animation!

Objects, jewelry and clothing at the Christmas Markets at the Grand Hotel Parker's in Naples!

The white nights in Via Nazionale in Naples will be enlivened by shopping, events and good food to start 2016 Christmas!

In Bagnoli the Natural Shopping Center organizes a Christmas event with shows, illuminations and markets.

At the Palace of Portici 2016 Christmas will be exciting with markets, narrated visits and workshops for children!

The Valle dell'Orso park at Torre del Greco becomes the Christmas Valley, giving emotions, fun and Christmas music! ...

Natale al Borgo arrives at Cava De 'Tirreni, the meeting of art, history, culture, craftsmanship and gastronomy.

In Amalfi comes the Christmas Village with markets, good food, mulled wine and artistic cribs.

Christmas atmosphere for the Markets at the Medicean Castle of Ottaviano, between music, art and good food
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