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The Duomo Station of the 1 line of Naples will be the most beautiful in the world. Here's how it will be and when it will open!

24 strike in Naples for Friday 28 September 2018 involving the 1 metro line, the buses and the ANM Funiculars.

Schedules of the 4 strike in Naples on Friday 7 September 2018 involving 1 subway line, buses and Funiculars.

The quay towards Piscinola of the 1 metro station in Naples is closed for works for 10 days.

The 24 hour strike in Naples for the 13 2018 July involving 1 metro line, Funiculars and buses. Here are the times.

The 2018 summer timetable for the 1 metro line, the buses and the Naples Funiculars from July to September.

The schedules and the guaranteed bands for the 22 June 2018 strike which includes ANM buses, Naples Funiculars and underground ...

Holiday schedules for the 2 June 2018 in Naples by 1 metro line, buses and ANM Funiculars.

The municipal council of Naples approved the project to build the second exit of the Materdei station of the 1 metro line ....
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