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Closed the 1 metro line of Naples on the whole route due to a breakdown.

The timetables of the ANM metro line 1, Naples Funiculars and buses for 2018 Christmas. Here are the info for the 24 and 25 December.

The ANM timetables for the 1 subway line, Funiculars and buses for the 2019 New Year in Naples.

The Naples subway becomes an open museum, so the works of contemporary art can be visited and protected in ...

There will be no nighttime extension of the 1 line and Funicolari to Naples, no means until late on weekends.

The night extension of the 1 subway line in Naples and the Funiculars takes off again at night!

The Duomo Station of the 1 line of Naples will be the most beautiful in the world. Here's how it will be and when it will open!

24 strike in Naples for Friday 28 September 2018 involving the 1 metro line, the buses and the ANM Funiculars.

Schedules of the 4 strike in Naples on Friday 7 September 2018 involving 1 subway line, buses and Funiculars.
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