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exhibitions in Naples

The exhibition dedicated to Che Guevara arrives in Naples, at the San Domenico Maggiore complex: a fantastic photographic exhibition on ...

The international exhibition "Poison - The power of poison" arrives in Naples, inaugurating the reopening of Palazzo Fondi.

Guided tour with show in the Incurabili Pharmacy and the Museum of Health Arts in Naples!

The events that have written the history of Naples in the last 25 years will be the protagonists of an extraordinary exhibition of photographers ...

Stars, planets and celestial phenomena will be the protagonists of "Exploring the Universe" at the Auchan of Naples! ...

Exhibitions, events and guided tours for the 2015 edition of Illuminiamo the monuments inside and out in Naples.

The famous composer Cesare Andrea Bixio will be honored with an exhibition at the PAN in Naples

Gastronomy from Campania, interactive itineraries and events at Magna 2015, the agri-food exhibition at San Domenico Maggiore

The XI Giornata del Contemporaneo will also be held in Naples, with contemporary art museums open to the public for free
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