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night of San Lorenzo

The Royal Palace of Caserta has joined #IoVadoalMuseo creating the Reggia tra le Stelle event with free daytime and open entry ...

Capodimonte Museum opened as an extraordinary show for the night of San Lorenzo 2019; on the Belvedere the music of Naples and the stars ...

The Night of San Lorenzo 2019 at Lake Averno with tastings and shows for a magical moment.

The spectacle of shooting stars to be observed at the Lido Gallo of Varcaturo: it is the night of San Lorenzo.

A magical evening to admire the natural spectacle of falling stars in the name of Neapolitan musical tradition

Mandolins under the stars, a relaxing and fascinating free concert in Piazza del Plebiscito for the night of San Lorenzo.

San Lorenzo arrives! Here's where to see / watch the falling stars during the night of the 10 August in Naples and Campania!

Pope Francis at San Paolo to see Napoli play: bookmakers fix the odds