Orange zone

January 14 2022
Campania in the yellow zone, critical thresholds exceeded: this is what changes

The Campania Region will pass into the yellow zone from Monday 17 January 2022 due to [...]

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November 25, 2021
Super Green Pass and vaccine obligation: here are the new rules

The Government has passed the new decree which provides for the so-called Super Green Pass or [...]

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November 22, 2021
Super Green Pass, restrictions only for the unvaccinated: here are the hypotheses

In the coming days, more precise decisions should be made regarding the new Super Green [...]

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July 23 2021
Mandatory green pass in Italy from 6 August: this is where you need it

The Government has approved the new decree which establishes the parameters for requesting and showing [...]

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June 21 2021
The digital Green Pass on the Io and Immuni apps: here's how it works

The now known and expected Green Pass, the Green Certification, will be available on the IO application, the same [...]

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April 16 2021
Campania enters the orange zone: here's what you can do

The Campania Region enters the orange zone: here are the prohibitions and changes!

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February 25 2021
New DPCM, restrictions until Easter: dark orange zone, restrictions and curfew

Here are the restrictions and news of the new DPCM that will be in force from 6 [...]

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February 19 2021
Campania enters the orange zone: the region changes color

Confirmed the passage of Campania in the orange zone after monitoring the infections: concerns the [...]

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February 1 2021
Torre Annunziata in the orange area: bars, restaurants and schools closed

Infections in Torre Annunziata are increasing in a worrying way and the area has been declared [...]

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January 11 2021
New DPCM: yellow and orange area and the white area arrives

On January 16th a new DPCM comes into force: a yellow zone is planned with [...]

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January 5 2021
Covid-19: the new rules from 7 to 15 January with yellow, orange and red zones

Approved the new anti-Covid 19 rules in force in Italy from 7 to 15 January [...]

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December 19 2020
Campania remains in the orange zone: the new order of De Luca

The new order of De Luca keeps Campania in the orange zone and provides [...]

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