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Pino Daniele

At the Palapartenope in Naples a special tribute to the great Pino Daniele with an online Flash Mob!

At the Borgo Marinari in Naples arrives "Pino Daniele, I Still Love You" 2018, an event to remember the artist ...

For the 62 years of Pino Daniele there will be a great free concert with many artists at the Palapartenope in Naples!

The cinemas of Naples where to watch the film "Pino Daniele - Il tempo restaerà" with unpublished material on the concerts and ...

The documentary on Pino Daniele is a collection of unpublished material that will be screened at the Teatro San Carlo in Naples.

The events to remember Pino Daniele in Naples, two years after his death, with flash mobs, music, meetings and more ....

A new concert-event dedicated to Pino Daniele will take place at the Palapartenope in Naples and will be free admission.

Verses of songs and poems, aphorisms and famous phrases carved on the benches of Capodichino airport in Naples!

Unpublished photographs, concerts and meetings for the exhibition dedicated to Pino Daniele at the Auchan Shopping Center in Naples!
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