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Pizzerias in Naples

A special pizza in many pizzerias in Naples to celebrate the Neapolitan Pizzaziolo 2019 Day!

The World Day of the Pizza-maker arrives to celebrate the ancient profession: in Naples a statue will be erected and in some ...

Naples and Campania place themselves in the first place of the best XMUMX Pizzerias of Gambero Rosso with 2018 pizzerias!

The centenarian pizzerias of Naples meet in association to safeguard the tradition of Neapolitan pizza!

The best 6 pizzerias in Italy are all from Naples according to the Michelin 2017 guide!

The local "50 Panino Hamburgeria" will be opened in Naples by Ciro Salvo, owner of the famous 50 Kalò pizzeria!

In Naples comes the Mura Greche pizza, inspired by the excavations of Piazza Bellini!

Free pizzas in Piazza Vanvitelli to celebrate the 100 years of Pizzeria Gorizia with many famous shows and guests!

From the collaboration between Sorbillo and the Panino Macelleria del Vomero, the tasty fried pizza with meatballs is born!