Emy Buono (Pupa and Nerdy) in Mare 3: she will be linked to Pino

More and more information comes in regarding the third season of Mare Fuori 3. After introducing you to two new characters, Puppy ed Elena, now let's move on to a new one new entry female. The already known one will take part in the cast of Mare Fuori 3 Good Emy!

The character of Emy Good in Sea Out 3

It was the young woman herself who shared a video, posted on TikTok, in his Instagram stories in which he is the company of character from Pino di Mare Fuori.

In this scene the two boys are seen whizzing on a scooter through the streets of Naples, between smiles, kisses and hugs. The character played by Artem Tkachuk, therefore, it seems linked to the young woman Good Emy which according to Pipol TV will play the role of a "pusher”In the third season of Mare Fuori.

Who is Emi Buono present in Mare Fuori 3?

Emy Buono is already known on the small screen, in fact, she participated in the program La Pupa and the Nerdy Show 2022 and previously a I am sending you to the convent. The young woman was engaged to Denis Doso (influencer and former Big Brother VIP contestant) and together with him he shot videos for OnlyFans.

Born in Napoli il March 26 1998 he has almost 140 thousand followers on Instagram, but surely with his participation in Mare Fuori they are destined to rise.

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Image Credits: Instagram Profile Emy Buono (@emy_buono_)
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