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Il popular reality show “Temptation Island promises strong emotions and unexpected surprises. Fans get ready to follow the new couple adventures participants, trying to discover advances and future developments. The Canale 5 schedule is ready to welcome a new evening of confrontation and emotion, offering the passionate public a series of options for viewing the programme.

When Temptation Island airs

La programming of the reality show “Temptation Island” is set for Monday evening on Channel 5. Fans of this show never miss an episode, always ready to follow the dynamics of couples and the difficulties they face.

What time does Temptation Island start

The appointment with “Temptation Island” always starts at 21.20. Immediately after the end of "Paperissima Sprint", viewers will immerse themselves in the emotions of reality couples.

What time does Temptation Island finish

It is not possible to pinpoint the exact end time of “Temptation Island”, as the length of the episode may vary depending on developments within the show. But, generally, the episodes end around 00.30/01.00.

Where to see Temptation Island

The reality show “Temptation Island” is broadcast on channel 5. In addition to traditional television viewing, it is possible to follow the program on streaming through the platform Mediaset Infinity. The latter allows viewing on various devices, such as PCs, tablets, smartphones and smart TVs, also offering the possibility of re-watching the episodes in the following days.

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