Temptation Island, Alessia and Davide go out together after the bonfire

David and Alessia

The recent installment of Temptation Island 2023 showed a dramatic moment, with a heated confrontation between Alexia and David which led to a early confrontation bonfire.

In the third installment of Temptation Island 2023, we have seen Davide ask for a comparison bonfire premature to Alessia. This happened after Davide saw Alessia in the company of one of the singles. Davide showed up at the bonfire first, with Alessia joining him shortly after.

What happened during the bonfire between Davide and Alessia

At first, the presenter Philip Bisciglia showed Davide a previously unseen video, representing the moment between Alessia and the single during his absence. This has led to a stormy dialogue between the two boyfriends.

Davide he scolded Alessia of being too available to other men. Alessia, in defending herself, maintained that she was only consoling the single, who was sad for Davide. Subsequently, Alessia expressed hers concern for the possible resumption of a tumultuous relationship, characterized by constant criticism and incorrect behavior on the part of David.

The decision of Davide and Alessia

Answering the questions of Bisciglia, Davide he promised to change, avoiding criticizing Alessia for every little thing. When asked by Bisciglia if they wanted to continue together or separately, Davide expressed a wish to continue with Alessiareiterating his love for her. Despite his confusion and fears of her, Alessia has decided to go home with boyfriend, hopeful in David's promises.

As well as Isabella and Manu, too Alexia and David they decided to leave Temptation Island 2023 Together. Fans of the program can review the entire episode on Mediaset Play.

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