Island of the Famous 2024, how to vote for the castaways (televoting)

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The Island of the Famous has started again with a new adventure that promises emotions and twists. A diverse group of 18 competitors threw themselves into this challenge, each with the ambition of reaching the end and winning the prize up for grabs.

Il viewer he is not just an observer but becomes active part of the game, having the power to influence the dynamics of the island through voting. But how do you vote your favorite?

Who are the castaways in the race

  • Joe Bastianich
  • Francesca Bergesio
  • Matilde Brandi
  • Luce Caponegro
  • Arthur Dainese
  • Pepe of Naples
  • Pietro Fanelli
  • Edward Franco
  • Khady Gueye
  • Samuel Peron
  • Tonia Romano
  • Aras Senol
  • Edward Stoppa
  • Marina Suma
  • Alvina Verecondi Scortecci
  • Valentina Vezzali
  • Maité Yanes
  • Greta Zuccarello

How to vote for castaways

Before you find out how to vote, it is essential to underline the importance of the support of the public at home. Each vote can change the fate of a castaway, making telespactors an integral part of their journey.

Here are the methods:

  • SMS: A quick fix is ​​to send a SMS to the number 477.000.3. Your message can make a difference. A fundamental aspect is the identification of code of each competitor which will be given during the live broadcast to vote via SMS.
  • Website: Visit the site and follows the directions to make your mark on the competition.
  • Mediaset Infinity App: Use the application, available for smartphone e tablets, to vote in just a few taps.
  • Smart TVs and decoders: If you own one Smart TV or decoder enabled, voting is just a remote control away.

How much does it cost to vote for castaways

Voting access is meant to be inclusive e accessible. Vote away SMS involves the cost foreseen by your telephone plan, without additional costs. Across the website andMediaset Infinity app, however, the vote is price quotation, as it is using Smart TV e decoder. This system ensures that everyone can support their favorites without worries.

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