Amici 23, previews of the semi-final 12 May. Who goes to the final?

Maria De Filippi in Amici 23

23 friends is preparing for the grand finale scheduled for Saturday 18 May 2024. But, in the meantime, what will happen during the semi-final on May 12th? A special episode that will be broadcast on Sunday and not on Saturday but which, as we already know, will have quite a few surprises in store for us. We will then know the finalists of this highly followed edition. Who will they be? And how will the episode go? Let's find out all the details together.

Friends 23, who goes to the final?

They will be as always there will be three heats in which the students remaining at the Amici 23 evening will compete. The winner of each of these will go directly to the final on May 18th. But how will things go? The previews are very clear. Based on what has been leaked, it seems that:

  • The first heat will see Midas and Sarah pitted against each other Marisol and the latter will be the first finalist of Amici 23.
  • The second heat will always see Midas and Sarah clash against Dustin. The second finalist will be Dustin.
  • The third heat will see Sarah win against Holden and Petit beat Sarah and Mida. She will be right Petit the third finalist. Once he wins the shirt, his joy will be so uncontainable that we will see him pick up Marisol and kiss her.

The first three finalists of the episode will therefore, in order of arrival, be Marisol, Dustin and Petit. To these Holden will be added later who, in the runoff with Midas and Sarah, will be the first to be saved. He will therefore be the fourth finalist.

The guests of the semi-final

Also for the semi-final, as happened for the other events, Maria De Filippi will welcome a series of very important guests. They will arrive in today's episode Geppi Gucciari (whose "monologue" will be particularly intense because it is dedicated to the world of young people and their working difficulties). On the musical front, let's prepare ourselves to listen instead irama and Article 31.

Semifinal of Amici, who comes out?

The fight to conquer the last place in the final which, apparently, will be made up of five students will take place between the two students of Lorella Cuccarini and Emanuel Lo, that is Sarah and Midas. For the two singers it will be time to submit to the judgment of the jury. Who will go through to become the fifth finalist? We'll find out in the episode airing tomorrow, Sunday 12 May, from around 21pm, on Canale 40.

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