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Beautiful, the longest-running soap ever, is facing a truly emotional period. The plot of the moment is, in fact, shocking and leaves us, day by day, breathless waiting to find out how things will go. But what will happen from 13 to 19 May 2024? We tell you that the trend will remain the same... We will see some really beautiful ones! Curious to know more? Follow us!

The Bold and the Beautiful, plot of the episode of Monday 13 May

The “lightning trial” against Sheila will close in favor of this one. Thanks to Bill Spencer's threats, neither Finn nor Steffy testified, and for that matter, for her the prison doors will open. Mike will say goodbye to his lifelong friend: she will leave, but he will remain behind bars, declaring that, despite everything, he will love her forever.

The Bold and the Beautiful, plot of the episode of Tuesday 14 May

Taylor, who shortly before was celebrating the end of Sheila's "nightmare" with Brooke, will suddenly find herself faced with the harsh reality. Finn and Steffy, in fact, will inform her of what happened. They will confess that they did not testify against the redhead and will also explain why: Bill is blackmailing them. A hard blow for Hayes.

The Bold and the Beautiful, plot of the episode of Wednesday 15 May

Finn and Steffy informed Taylor that Bill Spencer blackmailed them to get Sheila out of prison. They will say that if they had testified, then he would have denounced Taylor herself for the attempted murder of a few years earlier. Attention: the news of Sheila's release will begin to spread! Also Brooke and Katie will know: they will be stunned when Carter tells them the latest developments.

Carter Beautiful
Carter in Beautiful (Mediaset Infinity)

The Bold and the Beautiful, plot of the episode of Thursday 16 May

Taylor will feel terribly guilty! It's all her fault if the whole family will still have to deal with Sheila, free to go around Los Angeles and, perhaps, create more problems. Because of this he will want to go and turn himself in to the police, but Steffy will talk to her and block her. If it's true that Hayes won't go to the police, he will decide, however, to go to Bill and ask him, face to face, with what courage he could behave in this way, supporting Sheila against the whole family.

The Bold and the Beautiful, plot of the episode of Friday 17 May

When Taylor will arrive at Bill Spencer's and will also find Sheila at home with him. There will be sparks because the woman will find herself having to deal with both. But she won't be alone! Who will be with her? Everyone will be shocked: their life and their tranquility are hanging by a thread. How will they get rid of Sheila this time without Taylor ending up in prison?

The Bold and the Beautiful, plot of the episode on Saturday 18 May

Tensions, anxieties and fears will be the protagonists in a Forrester family literally shocked by what happened.

Bill Spencer Beautiful
Bill Spencer in The Bold and the Beautiful (Mediaset Infinity)

Brooke and Katie, shocked, they will try to give themselves answers regarding what happened. Even Carter, after learning that Sheila has been released from prison thanks to Bill, will ask Finn for explanations. Meanwhile, at Bill Spencer's house the situation will become heated. Between Taylor (accompanied by Steffy) and the Bill/Sheila couple there will be sparks and things will risk degenerating several times. While, then, Steffy and Finn will confide everything to Liam and Hope, it will be time for Bill to interface with Katie who, too, will want explanations about his behavior.

The Bold and the Beautiful, plot of the episode of Sunday 19 May

Bill's motivation for saving Sheila lies in his heart: he is in love. The confrontation with Katie will be very heated: the ex-wife will try to reason with him but won't be able to achieve much. Spencer will seem completely overwhelmed by his feelings for the redhead. At the end of the discussion we will witness a twist: Bill will throw Katie out of the house in a bad way and, immediately afterwards, he will kiss Sheila. Will the Forresters have to resign themselves to living with her? We'll find out very soon!

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