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Fans of Beautiful, are you ready for a new week full of emotions and twists? Then make yourselves comfortable because, after having seen the previews, here we are at the moment to reveal the plots of the episodes that will be broadcast from 27 May to 2 June 2024, on Canale 5. We will see some really good ones and, the great protagonist of the week will be him, Thomas. Curious to know more about his fate? Will he return to Forrester? Let's find out together!

The Bold and the Beautiful, plot of the episode of Monday 27 May 2024

Time for news at Il Giardino dove Sheila, after met Deacon and congratulated him on becoming the owner of the place, she will reveal to him that she is Bill Spencer's partner and to live with him. What a surprise for Sharp who will immediately ask her if her feelings for the tycoon are sincere or if she is just taking advantage of him. What will be the truth?

The Bold and the Beautiful, plot of the episode of Tuesday 28 May 2024

The new collection of Hope for the Future it was a flop and knowing that Eric and Zende's efforts were useless will make it Hope very sad. The girl will think back to the successes achieved when she collaborated with Thomas and, for this reason, he will wonder if he shouldn't be called back to work. After opening up to Paris, to whom he will tell her that he hopes for a job reinstatement, Thomas will go to Steffy in the office. And now?

Steffy in Beautiful
Steffy in Beautiful (Mediaset Infinity)

The Bold and the Beautiful, plot of the episode of Wednesday 29 May 2024

Today's episode of The Beautiful is dedicated exclusively to the crisis of the Hope collection which, given the terrible results obtained, will be very close to failure. We will be happy about this negative feedback Thomas who, sketches in hand, he will talk to Steffy and try to convince her to let him back into the company claiming that only he could save the fate of this very important branch of Forrester Creations.

The Bold and the Beautiful, plot of the episode of Thursday 30 May 2024

If Thomas pleads his case with Steffy, Paris will find herself doing it with Hope. The girl, in fact, will be very clear with Liam's wife who will continue to prove desperate for the fate of her "creature". Paris' words will initially find a certain resistance in her: as the minutes pass, however, Hope will soften. Is Thomas' return really the solution to this big problem?

The Bold and the Beautiful, plot of the episode of Friday 31 May 2024

If Paris gets the better of Hope convincing her to call Thomas back to her team, when the young Logan he's going to talk to Steffy about it he will find himself facing a real wall. Forrester will be completely against it (evidently Thomas' words didn't hit the mark!). Steffy he will be adamant to the point that, in the end, even Hope will change her mind again. Better to leave it alone: ​​Thomas is too dangerous for everyone!

Hope Beautiful
Hope in Beautiful (Mediaset Infinity)

The Bold and the Beautiful, plot of the episode of Saturday 1 June 2024

Special meeting for Sheila which, after a long time, will be found again face to face with Finn. Too bad the boy will reiterate his contempt for her and remind her how neither he nor Steffy will ever give her the chance to be part of their lives again. In fact, he will tell her that he wants to see her behind bars! While Katie will try, once again, to reason with Bill, Taylor will have one certainty: talking to the police will be the only alternative to remove his family from the clutches of Bill and Sheila.

The Bold and the Beautiful, plot of the episode of Sunday 2 June 2024

After failing in his attempt to convince Bill, Katie will go to Steffy to ask her what the reason behind Bill's blackmail is. Will be Taylor, present at the meeting, clarifies Spencer's motivations to Katie and to reveal that, years earlier, she herself shot him with the intent to kill him. Katie will be shocked and will ask Taylor's motives in committing an act that she calls "despicable". Deacon, in the meantime, now owner of Il Giardino, will tell Hope and Brooke about his plans for the development of the place.

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