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Tonight "Who has seen?" returns to deal with unsolved cases and missing persons. With new insights into research and investigations. As always Federica Sciarelli will host tonight's broadcast as he has done since 2004.

Here are tonight's cases.

The case of Simone Casini

The May 22nd episode will bring updates on the case of Simone Casini, a 43-year-old truck driver found dead on July 27, 2022 near Siena. Simone was found hanging in the trailer of his truck, with a strap used to secure loads wrapped around your neck.

The circumstances of his death were immediately arousing suspects in family members, who hypothesized a possibility murder disguised as suicide. Last week, Simone's father was a guest of Federica Sciarelli, pushing for a more thorough investigation and proposing the exhumation of the body for further tests.

Serial thefts from tourists and customers in Milan

The May 22nd episode will also deal with the recent ones serial thefts to the detriment of tourists and customers of venues in the center of Milan. The thieves stole bags and backpacks taking advantage of the victims' moments of distraction. The Police of Milano has arrested two people involved in these incidents, but the question is whether there are other victims who have not yet been identified. The program will invite viewers to provide any reports and testimonies to help in the investigation.

The “Enriquetta” case

What fuels the suspicions of the Casini family is a audio message of Simone, in which he declared himself in love with a woman, Enriquetta, who he had never met in person. It turned out that the 28-year-old Spanish nurse never existed, but she was a false profile on social media.

Simone and Enriquetta exchanged messages and they called each other often. The truck driver had sent her large sums of money, an amount that could be around 70 thousand euros. Now it is suspected that Simone was not the only victim of the scammer, and there could be other men deceived.

The case of Pierina Paganelli

During the May 22nd episode, we will see an exclusive interview with Valeria, the neighbor of Pierina Paganelli. Pierina was killed in Rimini on the evening of October 3, 2023. Valeria will reconstruct some episodes that happened before the murder, providing important details for the investigations.

The lawyer of Manuela Bianchi, daughter-in-law of the victim and suspect in the murder, asked investigators to subject the almost 500 residents of the condominium in via del Ciclamino to a DNA testwhere the crime occurred. Valeria, however, questions Manuela's good faith, raising new suspicions and offering investigative ideas.

The case of Antonella Di Veroli

Another case addressed by Federica Sciarelli concerns the murder of Antonella di Veroli a business consultant 47 years old, murdered with a gunshot and found dead in her home, locked inside a wardrobe on 10 April 1994.

No one has ever been found guilty of this crime. In the episode, Antonella's sister and niece will be in the studio to discuss new items emerged and of findings never analysed, appealing for the reopening of the investigations.

The case of Denise Pipitone, the news on the search for the little girl

The interview with Piera Maggio and the new research by Denise Pipitone

In the last interview granted to Mara Venier and during the interview with "Who has seen it?", Piera Maggio shared a photo of a girl very similar to how Denise might appear today.

They showed us a photo of a girl, a minor, who looks extraordinarily like my Denise

Peter May

The bugging scandal at Piera Maggio's house

Recently, another disturbing aspect of the case emerged: the discovery of working bugs hidden in Piera Maggio's apartment. The bugs, that is surveillance equipment, they were connected to the electricity grid and inserted into power sockets, Piera revealed that they could having been installed many years ago or even recently but definitely they are not law enforcement officers who have confirmed their non-involvement. Investigations are underway to determine who is responsible for this act and whether it is directly linked to the investigation into Denise's disappearance.

The new evidence and the hope of finding Denise

The continues research and the new ones runway they kept the hope alive Peter May and his lawyer, Giacomo Frazzittato finally be able to solve the case. Recently, they received reports which could lead to a more than significant turning point.

In addition to photo that it could represent Denise now a teenager, there have been others evidence which have renewed interest and commitment in investigations. The determination of Piera to find answers has never wavered, supported by the support of one community who has been following the case for almost two decades.

The story of Who Has Seen It

Born in 1989, "Who has seen?" has become an essential point of reference in the search for missing persons and in the resolution of unsolved mysteries in Italy. Broadcast on Rai 3, the program offers a media platform crucial for families looking for their loved ones, working closely with police. Thanks to his commitment, he has often reopened forgotten cases, helping to reunite families and prompt new investigations.

The origins of the transmission

"Who has seen?" was conceived by Donatella Raffai e Paolo Guzzanti, and the first episode aired on 30 April 1989. The vision of Raffai, a highly experienced journalist, combined with Guzzanti's incisive approach, laid the foundations for an innovative television format with great social impact.

Since its debut, the program has stood out for the commitment to giving a voice to those who have none, rapidly transforming itself into a tool of public utility and support for investigations.

Donatella Raffai

The historical hosts of Who has seen it

During the years, "Who has seen?" saw charismatic figures alternating at the helm who perfectly embodied the spirit of the programme. Federica Sciarelli, who still leads the program today, began hosting in 2004. She has become one of the most recognizable icons, always appreciated for her passion and dedication.

Before her, there was Daniela Poggi had left an important mark on the running of the program. Under the guidance of these hosts, “Who saw it?” He obtained notable successes, contributing to the discovery of numerous missing people and the reopening of unsolved cases, often thanks to reports received from viewers.

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