Endless Love, previews and spoilers from May 13th to 18th

Emir in Endless Love
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Endless Love will return with a series of unmissable events also in week from 13 to 18 May 2024. THE advances they speak very clearly and reveal heart-pounding episodes in which Kemal will discover the truth about the murder attributed to Ozan, in which Zeynep will end up in bed with Emir but will agree to marry Ozan and so on. Curious to find out all the details? Follow us, we are about to reveal them to you.

Tension sky high for Nihan in Endless Love

How much do we suffer when our feelings of love are not reciprocated? A lot and Salih he knows it well! Zeynep, in fact, no longer wants to marry him and is very confused. He just won't be able to get over it and, in the throes of alcohol he will barge into a meeting of family creating a lot of tension and taking it out, mostly, on Ozan. The boy will confess to the family about the burning of the boat and Nihan, at that point, will be certain: she will go to sleep with Leyla.

Kemal and Nihan increasingly closer

Nihan it will stay talking to Leyla when the two receive a visit from Kemal. Between one thing and another, Leyla will propose to the two of them to play “Truth or Dare” forcing both to be honest with each other and, in many ways, ad be much closer. On the other hand, Leyla's purpose will be clear: to ensure that her niece does not make the same mistake as her by giving up her love of her life.

Kemal and Tarik fight again in Endless Love

Between Tarik and Kemal things will continue to not go well. For the two brothers there will still be room for arguments when they both find themselves confronting the inhabitants of the town, furious because they have no water due to the works for the construction of the power plant. In the end it will be Kemal himself who calms things down by convincing the men of the country to denounce Emir, Galip and himself to assert their rights before the law. When Emir finds out, how could he react other than furiously? At this point he will be certain: Kemal will have to pay dearly!

Emir takes revenge on Kemal and sleeps with Zeynep

The plan of Emir against Kemal it will pass through an unconscious Zeynep. The girl will continue to delude herself into thinking that she is at the center of the man's thoughts will make you spend an unforgettable evening at the cinema and, subsequently, will be able to spend loving moments with her. What a disappointment for the girl discover that it was all part of a plan and what a humiliation when you see money delivered for what happened.

The truth about Linda's murder in Endless Love

Linda was the girl who died, according to Emir, because of Ozan. It's a pity that Kemal will have only one certainty, as well as Nihan: there was no assassination and, indeed, the woman is still alive. To prove it, the two will get together looking for Karen, the second girl present on the evening when everything would have happened. The turning point will come when, after various vicissitudes, Nihan he will find a flash drive in Emir's study containing a conversation between the man and Karen. It will be time to share the information with Kemal but he will find it with Asu.. Now what? A departure will be on the horizon, but for whom?

Banu seduces Tarik?

Banu he will have a task that, even if he initially took it negatively, he will begin to outline little by little. Emir must have forced herIn fact, a seduce Tarik, already visibly sensitive to his charm.

Ozan and Zeynep get married in Endless Love?

When it happened with Emir it will leave a very deep wound in the heart of Zeynep who still deluded herself into thinking she had a special place in her heart. On the edge of a cliff the girl he will threaten to let himself go into the sea and therefore take his own life. It will come, however, saved by Ozan is he will then ask her to marry him. She will accept: she will become his wife!

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