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Endless Love is preparing to give us another week, from 13 to 19 May 2024, full of emotions and twists. Warning: the soap will go on also broadcast in the evening, Friday 17 May, immediately after Terra Amara, in the late evening, and, for the first time, even on Sunday afternoon, taking the place of Terra Amara (for which on the evening of May 19 the grand finale is expected). But what will happen? Let's find out together.

Endless Love, plot of the episode of Monday 13 May

La Emir's revenge towards Kemal it will continue and project itself, this time, upwards Zeynep. The man will make her experience intense moments and, subsequently, will convince her to be intimate with him. Immediately afterwards he will reveal her true intentions: the young girl will understand that she has only been a pawn in Emir's terrible game from which she will be further humiliated with the delivery of money. Kemal, in the meantime, will dig in the place where the tomb of the woman killed by Ozan should be and will find it empty. He will therefore understand that Linda's death was a lie designed by Emir to blackmail Nihan. Kemal will talk about it with her ex and, together with her, he will decide to contact the other girl present that evening, Karen.

Endless Love, plot of the episode of Tuesday 14 May

Zeynep will be furious: How could Emir deceive her like this? For this reason he will decide to take revenge by confessing everything to Kemal. It will be Asu, however, who will make her see reason in the end: it's better that she doesn't tell her brother anything about her because by doing so she would only be supporting Emir's game... The young woman, however, doesn't know the truth!

Endless Love, plot of the episode of Wednesday 15 May

Asu and Emir are accomplices and Hakki will warn his niece to be careful not to lose Kemal. The denunciation of Kemal, Emir and Galip will catalyze the attention of journalists above all on Emir and, precisely for this reason, Tarik will have a new task: talk to the villagers and convince them to withdraw their complaint, using any means, legal or otherwise. Asu, in the meantime, will try to understand if there was something between Emir and Zeynep: Zeynep will deny and, immediately afterwards, will contact Ozan again rekindling, in the latter, the hope of a life together.

Endless Love, plot of the Thursday 16 May episode

Love at first sight for Galip towards Leyla.. New developments in sight? Kemal will prepare to join a club prestigious place where, according to Zehir's instructions, he will be able to find Karen. In the car, however, she will find Nihan, in her pajamas, still determined to go with him. Once there, however, the search will be fruitless and this above all due to the fact that the two will be increasingly jealous of each other.

Endless Love, plot of the episode of Friday 17 May

Nihan and Kemal will leave the club without a match. Nihan, having returned home, will, however, make an important discovery: There will be a flash drive on Emir's desk containing a conversation between Emir and Karen. She will phone Kemal to inform him but, realizing that she is with Asu, she will decide not to. Meanwhile, Emir will also be on Karen's trail. While Emir will ask Banu for information on how his attempts to seduce Tarik continue, Zeynep will take a step forward towards Ozan. She will go on a date with him bringing him a gift. Which?

Endless Love, plot of the episode of Saturday 18 May

Zeynep will attempt suicide but it will come saved by Ozan which, immediately afterwards, he will ask her to marry him. Be careful because, unexpectedly, she will accept (albeit not very convinced) after a really well organized proposal. Nihan and Kemal, in the meantime, they will still be on Karen's trail who they will discover is married in Istanbul where, therefore, they will go. When they find her they will receive a hard blow from her: will confirm that it was Ozan who killed Linda that evening. Soon after, Emir allegedly forced her to leave in exchange for money. We will discover that the girl is being blackmailed by Emir: Kemal and Nihan, however, will not believe her.

There will be a fight for the house between Leyla and Vildan: Galip will offer his help to Leyla who, however, will refuse it. In revenge, the man offers a hand to Vildan who, however, accepts. Emir's men will beat some of the villagers: one of these will go to the office from Kemal and will communicate his intention to surrender. Kemal will go to Emir furious and he will discover that it was Tarik who threatened the men of the town. The clash will be inevitable.

Endless Love, plot of the episode of Sunday 19 May

Day of incredible twists in Endless Love. A misunderstanding will seriously jeopardize the wedding between Zeynep and Ozan. To avoid losing the girl he loves, then, Ozan will decide to marry her that day. The boy's disappearance will put everyone on the alert... what is happening?

Il Banu's seduction plan towards Tarik will bear its first fruits. Kemal will succeed, with a very clever move, to get the better of Emir who will have to stoop to the wishes of his rival. Everyone will be busy looking for Ozan. the boy will find himself, with Zeynep, at Nihan and Emir's house. Kemal will go look for him and there Zeynep will confess that she got married with him. A bombshell news that will bring Huseyn to disown his daughter. A situation that will only exacerbate the disagreements between Kemal and Tarik which will even come to blows. All of this will then worsen relations between Nihan and Kemal's family, who will chase away her girlfriend, considering her to be among those most responsible for what happened.

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