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Ready for one of the most intense weeks ever seen so far Endless Love? So make yourselves comfortable because from 27 May to 2 June 2024 we will witness exactly this. Many issues (true or false we will discover little by little!) will come to light amidst malice, lies, jealousy and conjectures. In all this, Kemal will be close to marriage.. Possible? Discover all the details with us, day by day.

Endless Love, plot of the episode of Monday 27 May 2024

Time for suspicion in Endless Love where Emir will no longer trust Tufan e he will ask Tarik to check on him. The latter does not remotely suspect that he is a pawn in Emir's hands and although Kemal will try to make him understand, he will not listen to reason. The meeting with Kemal will upset Banu who will ask Tarik to talk about the problems with his brother: however, he will find himself in front of a wall. Attention: Emir will threaten Zeynep, guilty of having allowed herself, in turn, to blackmail him!

Endless Love, plot of the episode of Tuesday 28 May 2024

Yet another scene of jealousy for Nihan who will begin to show maximum impatience with the relationship between Kemal and Asu. And he will have reason for it since Asu will ask Kemal to meet her at home where, in the end, he will also find Hakki. Own Asu's uncle will ask him a favor: to marry his niece before he dies because he is ill. Kemal can only refuse because he is in love with someone else. On purpose: two shady individuals will kidnap Nihan. Who will they be?

Endless Love, plot of the episode of Wednesday 29 May 2024

Tensions will grow for Emir who will worry about the absence of Nihan who, immediately afterwards, she will discover that she has been kidnapped by Taner. He will only release her if he helps him escape from prison. He therefore has the green light to develop an escape plan! Meanwhile, a voicemail that the girl was about to record, will do inform Kemal about the kidnapping. The man will call his trusted Zehir and ask him to find her.

Endless Love, plot of the episode of Thursday 30 May 2024

Kemal will be able to figure out who kidnapped Nihan: at that point the road will seem downhill to find the girl but the environment of origin of the kidnappers (and those connected to them) was not reassuring. Kemal will be able to rely on the help of Necmi which is located in the same prison as Taner, in Maltepe. In the meantime, the Leyla's forgiveness towards Onder: the two will meet at Kemal's house and the past (with all its suffering) will now seem behind us.

Endless Love, plot of the episode of Friday 31 May 2024

Friday 31 May 2024, Endless Love will air with a double date. The first at the classic time (14pm), the second immediately after the evening episode of Terra Amara, around 10pm.

Afternoon episode

In the 14pm episode, Nihan will be locked in a warehouse after being kidnapped by Taner what else does she want take revenge on Emir. In fact, if he is in prison it is all the fault of Nihan's husband who has him accused of Karen's murder. The purpose? Kill Nihan and make sure that the blame falls on Emir afterwards. In the meantime, the man will be busy looking for his wife (as will Kemal) in what will be a tough fight against time.

Evening episode

Kemal and Emir's research will prove to bear fruit. In fact, they will understand where Nihan is. Also Onder will begin to worry about his daughter's absence. After asking Emir for explanations and not being satisfied with the answer, he will ask Kemal. He will be the one to tell him about the girl's kidnapping. News that will alarm the whole family Ozan who will also decide to get involved to try to free his sister.

Nihan will finally be able to return home and it will be furious with Emir. She will accuse him of killing Karen ma Emir will deny it by placing all the blame on one of his men, Tarik. News that will shock her and that she will immediately try to communicate to Kemal. Bad news, finally, for Vildan which will have to do with a shocking news, or rather two, about Leyla and her sister's roles within the family and society.

Endless Love, plot of the episode of Saturday 1 June 2024

After Emir's revelation, Tarik will be the center of attention. Kemal will absolutely not believe his brother's involvement in Karen's murder and also Nihan will confront Tarik is he will categorically deny it. Sure of Emir's good faith towards him, Tarik will explain to him all his fears and will reveal to him, at the same time, that he has fallen in love with Banu. Everything according to plan!

Asu will want with all her strength to marry Kemal and he will find in Fehime a valid ally to the point that Kemal's mother will argue with her son because she will not be able to understand his non-intention to marry her. Attention: all the clues that Zehir will collect about Karen's death will lead in one direction: Tarik. What a shock for Kemal that he won't be able to believe that his brother is a murderer.

Endless Love, plot of the episode of Sunday 2 June 2024

After several investigations (including threats against Onder), Zeynep will threaten Emir to bring to light her fake marriage with Nihan. Tarik will confess to Kemal that he killed Karen (but that I did it by mistake!): the man will decide to report it! A real bomb at the home of Kemal's parents who will not believe that their son is a murderer with Tarik who, however, will find himself very soon at the police for questioning.

Emir's plan will continue: he will also go to the police, together with Nihan, ensuring Tarik has a fair legal defense. The relationship between Tarik and Kemal will, however, be ruined: the latter, in fact, will be increasingly convinced that he was right to report his brother even though this will turn the entire family (including Zeynep) against him. Only Asu will remain by his side unconditionally! Be careful, Kemal will have lost everyone but it will be determined to take revenge: from now on he will investigate Emir and his entire family!

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