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Out of the core, hosted by Mario Giordano and broadcast on Rete 4 from 2019 to today, is a program that has managed to conquer a large audience thanks to to its unique approach to information. With a thick style polemical and provocative, the program has earned it both praise and criticism, let's delve into the details below.

The new appointment is tonight at 21.20 su 4 network. Driven by Mario Giordano, we will talk about the hot topics that affect us closely.

In the foreground, there will be an investigation into the national health system. On the one hand, many people have to face waiting lists infinite and closed, on the other, those who turn to the private healthcare often fails to obtain reimbursement from Asl.
The episode will continue with a report from Ostia e Acerra to examine the problem of organized crime mafia-style. Then, a focus on the management of repatriations with an analysis of recent cases, including that of a Moroccan citizen who stabbed a deputy inspector at the station Milan Lambrate.

Here are tonight's investigations.

Waiting lists in public health

In the foreground, there will be an investigation into the national health system. On the one hand, many people have to face waiting lists infinite and closed, on the other, those who turn to the private healthcare often fails to obtain reimbursement from Asl.

Analysis on the management of PNRR funds

Another fundamental part of the episode will be dedicated toanalysis of the management of the Pnrr's European funds. Cases of fraud discovered in Abruzzo and Veneto, highlighting how these scams were orchestrated and what their consequences were. Through details and testimonials, the mechanisms that allowed these irregularities and the implications for the management of public funds will be highlighted.

Islamic communities in Italy and Germany

The episode will then take us to explore the world of Islamic communities in Italy and Germany. In Italy, the focus will be on alleged polygamy of some exponents and to illegal mosques of Rome, supported by unpublished documents that will shed light on these practices.

In Germany, the focus will be on the demonstration at the end of April in Hamburg, where some groups called for the establishment of a Caliphate.

Updates on House Burglars

The last topic addressed in the episode of “Fuori dal Coro” concerns an increasingly pressing problem: i home burglaries. We will explore the new developments in terms of methodologies and frequency of home burglaries, offering recent data and statistics. An analysis that will allow us to better understand how thieves are adapting their techniques and which areas of the country are most affected.

Furthermore, we will discuss the prevention and safety measures that citizens can adopt to protect their homes. From home security technology to community strategies, several solutions will be explored to combat this growing problem.

How Fuori dal Coro is structured

The program is divided into two main parts.

At first, journalistic reports are presented which address current political, social and cultural issues. This first part is edited by an editorial team that aims to provide an in-depth and often counter-current analysis of the news.

A follow second stage in which Mario Giordano welcomes various guests to the studio. The list ranges from politicians to journalists, from commentators to entertainment personalities. These guests discuss and debate the topics previously covered, adding further points of view and often giving life to debates turned on.

In summary, the typical characteristics of the transmission are the following:

  • An irreverent and provocative approach, which often leads to verbal clashes between the host and the guests.
  • Particular attention to current political and social issues, often treated from a counter-current point of view.
  • The presence of political guests, journalists, commentators and entertainment personalities, who often participate in heated and polemical debates.

Controversies and criticisms of Fuori dal Coro

Despite the success and high ratings, Out of the core is not free from controversy. The program has been criticized for its style provocative and for Mario Giordano's approach, which some believe excessively aggressive and not very concrete on the facts, exclusively oriented on seek consensus among the most populist voices also spreading misinformation.

Furthermore, some rumors accuse him of having an editorial line too oriented towards political positions conservative.

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The success of Fuori dal Coro

Despite the controversy, Outside the Choir he achieved excellent ratings, especially among the right-wing public. The transmission has indeed achieved an average of 1,5 million viewers per episode between 2021 and 2022, peaking at 2,5 million viewers on the October 16, 2021 episode.

The 2023 edition suffered a decline, with approx 850.000 spectators per episode covering approximately 6% of the national share.

Who is Mario Giordano, the journalist and host of Fuori dal Coro

Mario Giordano is an Italian journalist and television host, born in Alexandria in 1966. She began her journalistic career in 1989, as editor of a local newspaper. In 1992 he moved to Mediaset, where he worked for various information programs, including Studio Aperto, TG4 and Tgcom24.

In 2007 he was appointed director of Il Giornale, where he worked until 2009. In 2010 he returned to Mediaset, where he took over the management of Mediaset News.

In 2019 he started hosting Fuori dal Coro, an information and current affairs program that has sparked numerous controversies due to its irreverent and provocative slant.

Giordano is a right-wing journalist, and his political positions are often criticized by left-wingers. He was accused of being a supporter of populism and to spread misinformation.

Where to watch Fuori dal Coro and what time it airs

The show goes on air every Wednesday in prime time on Rete 4, starting from 21:20.
Available also on Mediaset Infinity for on-demand and streaming viewing.

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