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This evening, May 13th, Rai 1 gives us another unmissable appointment with “Il Clandestino”. Starting from 21:30, we will find ourselves immersed in the intense events of Luca Travaglia, played by the talented man Edoardo Leo. As we get closer to the season finale, the tension heightens! What will happen?

Here are some previews, but first let's take stock of what happened in the previous episodes.

Plot summary of previous episodes

In seventh episode, “The missing girl”, we saw Luca Travaglia face a past that continues to haunt him, while a new case leads him to a prestigious university. The investigations reveal a much more complex truth than a simple disappearance, between clandestine relationships and secrets. The complicity between Luca and Palitha intensifies, as does the love story between Luca and Carolina.

In 'eighth episode, “The sky above Lambrate”, the plot moved to a case of disappearance in a completely different environment: the construction sites of Milan. Luca and Palitha, disguised as bricklayers, discover not only that the mystery behind the disappearance of a man, but also the dangers and secrets of the world of construction work.

And now let's delve into the previews of tonight's plots!

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The plot of the ninth episode of “Il Clandestino”

In the ninth episode, entitled "The night", we find Luca Travaglia once again struggling with his team inner demons. After deciding to stop treatment, Luca falls again alcohol vortex, a way to escape the feelings of guilt that oppress him. THE ghosts of the past they give no respite: the memory of Khadija haunts him and a phrase she said now seems to resonate like a sinister warning.

Despite his fragile emotional state, Luca gets involved in a new case. A rich industrialist commissions him to investigate the death from overdose of his son, believed to be the victim of a drug dealer. As he delves into the clubs and discos of the Milanese night scene, Luca discovers that he is not the only one hunting for the criminal. An assignment that will lead him to confront the dangers of the night and with its own shadows, in a research that announces itself full of pitfalls.

The plot of the tenth episode of “Il Clandestino”

The tenth episode, “The Sinhalese”, opens with Luca Travaglia hospitalized following the injuries sustained. While Luca struggles between life and recovery, Palitha doesn't stand by and watch: she immerses herself in the investigations on a stalker who torments Carolina, finally revealing a shocking truth that puts bonds of trust to the test.

In the meantime, Claudio Maganza seeks answers on the recent shooting which involved Luca. The tension between the two men intensifies, culminating in an emotionally charged verbal confrontation. The situation worsens when the Police Commissioner discovers Luca's involvement in the operations with the Latin gangs, leading to a drastic decision: the issuing of a deportation order ordering Luca to leave Milan forever.

Just when all seems lost, Luca receives an unexpected visit from Carvelli, an old contact in the secret services. The cards on the table can still change.

Who is in the cast of “Il Clandestino”

“Il Clandestino” boasts an exceptional cast, here they are all:

  • Edoardo Leo plays Luca Travaglia, the protagonist, a man with a tormented past and a complicated life, who constantly finds himself struggling with his own inner demons.
  • Hassan Shapi è Palitha, Luca's faithful friend and colleague, always ready to support him in investigations and in moments of personal crisis.
  • Alice Arcuri takes on the role of Carolina, Luca's complex love interest, whose relationship with him is full of emotional ups and downs.
  • Lavinia Longhi plays Khadija, a key figure from Luca's past, whose memory continues to profoundly influence his actions and decisions.
  • Fausto Maria Sciarappa è Claudio Maganza, an antagonistic figure in Luca's journey, with whom he often finds himself in conflict.
  • Mattia Mele plays the role of Sergio Bonetti, a character who becomes increasingly central in the most recent events of the series.
  • Michele Savoia looks like De Giglio, another cast member who adds further facets to the narrative.

Where to see and what time “Il Clandestino” is broadcast

La fifth night of “Il Clandestino” will be broadcast tonight, May 13th, starting from 21:30 su Rai 1. The episodes are also available on RaiPlay, where they can be watched in live streaming both during the television broadcast and afterwards on demand.

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