Island of the Famous, previews and 3 new castaways of May 13th

Casalegno, Luxuria, Bruganelli and Maltese Island of the Famous 2024
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Up tonight Channel 5, "The Island of the Famous” is enriched by news. Three new competitors they land in Honduras, ready to revolutionize completely the balances established up to now. Also tonight, finally the televoting will tell us who among the nominees will have to return to Italy. As always the host is Vladimir Luxuria with his team of commentators!

The new competitors

Among the protagonists of the evening we find three highly anticipated figures: Dario Cassini, Karina Sapsai e Linda Morselli. Dario Cassini brings his own to reality humor sharp, while Karina Sapsai, model and showgirl, promises to add style e charisma. Linda Morselli, already known for her relationships with sports figures such as Valentino Rossi and Fernando Alonso, stands out for her past in spotlight.

  • Dario Cassini: comedian known for his irony
  • Karina Sapsai: model and showgirl, ready to amaze with elegance
  • Linda Morselli: Model with a history of celebrity relationships

What is the current situation of the competitors

The competition intensifies with Joe Bastianich is he recently had to temporarily leave the island for medical checks after a difficult night. His health conditions will be updated during the evening, but the situation does not seem worrying.

In the meantime, Tania Bambaci, having just arrived in Honduras, tries to find a moment to reunited and clarify his relationship with Samuel Peron, questioned later some insinuations about a possible closeness with the dancer Greta Zuccarello. Both they denied any involvement beyond friendship and professional esteem, despite provocations.

Who will leave the Island of the Famous tonight?

Il televoting as always it is a key element also in this episode of “The Island of the Famous“. From the last episode to today we have had the opportunity to vote, via televoting, to decide the fate of Arthur Dainese, Rosanna Lodi e Samuel Peron. One of them will be forced to leave Honduras and return to Italy.

To discover how to vote by televoting we refer you to our dedicated article with all the instructions.

What do the GF Forum polls say?

The Big Brother Forum polls do not clarify things much, given that the distances between the 3 participants are really low. At the top we find Samuel Peron at 38,2%, followed by Artur Dainese at 34,07% and in second place Rosanna Lodi at 7 percentage points with 27,91% of the votes.

So at the moment Rosanna is the most underdog 10 points behind Samuel Peron, but statistically there are too few points to determine certain defeat.

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