The Promise, previews and spoilers from 13 to 17 May

Manuel and Jana in The Promise
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This was a week full of twists and turns from 13 to 17 May 2024 that awaits all fans of The promise. We will witness the highly anticipated Jana's return to the Palace and to a truly disconcerting discovery about Don Carlos and its “disappearance”. What will it be about? Let's find out together!

Jana returns to The Promise

After a period of estrangement linked to a decision by the Marchioness, thanks to Jimena's intercession and the letter she sent to her mother, Jana will finally return to The Promise. Everyone will be very happy about it also because, unlike in the past, this time he will be fine. Cruz will be the only one not jumping for joy: he will take Jimena head on, he will urgently speak to her. In what tones?

Catalina investigates Don Carlos

Simona and Candela caused considerable inconvenience at the Palace with their strike. Catalina, having returned to the estate, will speak with them and convince them to return to their respective duties. In return she will promise to go to the town herself to look for any type of information on Don Carlos.

Warning: once you return he will have no good news: the teacher's daughter didn't tell the truth and, in their house, there really seems to be a seriously ill person. A man... But who?

A scandal discovered at La Promessa

Cruz will become aware of a terrible scandal which involves nothing less than his brothers-in-law. We still don't know exactly what it is but we can't wait to find out: it seems that this secret is incredible and that it is precisely because of it that the two came to "hide" in La Promessa.

Maria cornered, Martina receives an unexpected gift

THEMaria's indecision between Lope and Salvador will continue to hold sway this week too. Now, however, the girl will be faced with a choice. Salvador will be the one to ask her to do it: will she prefer him or Lope? About couples: Curro will try to win Martina back by giving her a gift but the young woman will have no intention of taking steps back.

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