The Promise, from May 27th changes time. When does it air?

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First schedule changes on Canale 5 in view of the summer break that many programs will undergo and, first to benefit from it, will be the fans of The promise. Thanks to the end of Men and womenin fact, starting from Monday 27 May 2024, the Spanish soap will start earlier, debuting at 15pm and this won't be the only good news for fans. Let's find out all the details together and what will happen.

The Promise on Canale 5 anticipates from 27 May 2024

Canale 5 will begin to undergo the first changes to its schedule in view of the summer. These changes will affect from Monday 27 May 2024, The promise is it will start at 15 pm and no longer at 00 pm as happened until yesterday. This because Men and Women by Maria De Filippi is already on summer break and will return, now, in September.

Il Biscione therefore decided to dedicate 5 minutes, by 14: 45 onwards, to a remake on “I sing family” with the broadcast of one of the evening's performances to then give space within 10 minutes of "The Island of the Famous". The Promise will therefore start from 15:00 pm for finishing almost two hours later. At 17pm, in fact, will leave room for “Afternoon Five”. XL duration, therefore, that This will go on for at least two weeks. From mid-June onwards, in fact, La Promessa will last about an hour, from 14pm to 45pm.

What will happen to Jana from May 27, 2024?

The next episodes of The promise they promise to be very intriguing, especially for all the fans of the beautiful girl Jana. The young waitress, in fact, will form a friendship with Abel. The two will spend a lot of time together (thanks to Jana's passion for medicine) and will soon end up with find yourself in love.

Their closeness, on the other hand, will not go unnoticed at the Palace where everyone will notice the particular feeling that binds them. Also Manuel will learn that a feeling is growing between his friend and Jana special and will have a way of being green with jealousy although he will have to try, in every way, to hide these feelings. But will he really allow another man to take away the only woman he is in love with?

We'll find out very soon! We remind you that from Monday 27 May, the appointment with The Promise will be starting from 15pm, again on Canale 00, for a super episode.

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