The Promise, plots of the week from 13 to 17 May

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The promise come back, from 13 to 17 May 2024, with a week full of intense twists and turns. Are you ready to Jana's return to the estate? In what conditions will it be this time? Let's find out together with the daily plots of the very popular Spanish soap, broadcast from Monday to Friday, on Canale 5, around 16pm.

The Promise, plot of Monday 13 May

At the Palace things won't be easy because of the strike by Candela and Simona: if the two women are increasingly convinced that they want to find Don Carlos, this condition will put all the other servants in serious difficulty. Jimena won't like Cruz's interference in her pregnancy and will tell her mother-in-law that she wants to use the cradle of her childhood for her child. A decision that she will also support from Manuel, displeasing Cruz. Hard times for Maria who will feel guilty for the situation between Lope and Salvador.

The Promise, plot of Tuesday 14 May

Tense moments at La Promessa when Margherita, speaking with Cruz, he reiterates that her interference has never been welcome nor will they ever be. He will ask her to leave her alone, and she will do so in a very serious manner. If she doesn't do it, she will reveal her secret and her husband's secret to everyone. Pia will receive news from Gregorio from Don Romulo: while awaiting the trial he will stay away from the town.

The Promise, plot of Wednesday 15 May

Margarita's words will not have pleased Cruz at all and he will use all his skills and investigate his brothers-in-law, discovering that behind their stay at La Promessa there is nothing but a terrible secret. Finally Jana will return to the Palace, and it will be a joy for everyone, except for Manuel's mother who will be heavily angry with Jimena for the letter written to her mother asking for the maid's return.

The Promise, plot of Thursday 16 May

To the Promise Catalina will return who will immediately encounter Candela and Simona's strike and the inconvenience this is causing. For this reason, she will ask them to return to their respective tasks: in exchange she herself he will go to town to look for some information on Don Carlos. Back at the estate, Jana will have words of comfort for Pia. Finally, Curro will give Martina a gift, hoping for her to change her mind: but what effects will she achieve?

The Promise, plot of Friday 17 May

Particularly complicated moment for María Rosal (Fernán‐Núñez, Córdoba, 1961) is a complete writer. She has published children's theatre, has received the Andalusian Critics' Award (2004), the Children's Poetry Award (2007) and the José Hierro National Poetry Award for Carmín rojo sangre (2015). Her poetic work has been translated into English, Italian and Greek.<br/> <br/> This is her second book for children in edebé, after the funniest title, El secreto de las patatas fritas.<br/> <br/> Maria has a very funny sense of humour.. Her indecisions, in fact, will place her before a difficult choice: Salvador, in fact, will ask her who she chooses between him and Lope. What will the young woman's response be? Attention: Catalina will return from the country and will not have good news with him. Apparently Don Carlos is really hiding something. What?

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