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It will be a special week, that one from 27 to 31 May 2024, for all the fans of The promise. Thanks to the conclusion of the season of Men and Women, in fact, the Spanish soap will be broadcast earlier (starting from around 15pm) and will last longer (until around 00pm). The plots, therefore, will unfold a lot along what will be unmissable episodes which promise to be heart-pounding and which will have Jana and her feelings at the center of attention. Curious to find out more? Follow us!

The Promise, plot of the episode of Monday 27 May 2024

Very special moment for Pia who will testify against her husband at trial, accompanied by Don Romulo. Curro will feel relieved when he knows that Martina didn't know Antonio's intentions when she left Madrid. Despite her doubts about Abel, Jana will advise Pia to let him follow her until the baby is born.

Initially, relations between Jana and Abel will not be good and Manuel will try to act as peacemaker. While Jana will ask Curro to apologize to Martina, Bad news will arrive for Petra: Don Romulo will ask you to send Feliciano away from the Palace.

The Promise, plot of the episode of Tuesday 28 May 2024

Jana will find out from Maria about Ramona's return while Cruz, at Petra's request, will seem increasingly inclined to give work to Feliciano. Abel and Jana will still be like cats and dogs while Manuel will ask Mauro for opinions on the doctor and will receive a rather uncertain picture.

While Abel will downplay Jimena's symptoms, Martina will be harassed by her parents who would like to officially present her in Madrid as Antonio's future bride. The girl, however, has no intention of doing so. Glimmers of hope for Salvador: the visit carried out by Abel will seem to open some glimmers for his eye!

The Promise, plot of the episode of Wednesday 29 May 2024

Bad news for Romulo and Pia: Feliciano is one of the employees of La Promessa and no one warned them beforehand. Tensions are growing in the Palace while Curro will decide to go and visit his mother (the only one who knows will be Jana). Cruz will continue to carry out his plan: he will discourage Martina's marriage with Antonio but he will only do it for personal gain. Good news for Salvador who will be able to undergo a specialist visit lie Jimena will propose something incredible to Manuel: a transfer. But where to go?

The Promise, plot of the episode of Thursday 30 May 2024

Disconcerting news for Jana: Manuel and Jimena will move in Madrid. For Feliciano, life at the Palace will not be easy with Petra who will try in every way to help him, but without succeeding. Candela will want to save Don Carlos from her daughter while Margarita will appear worried for her husband, especially now that Martina has decided: she absolutely won't get married.

The Promise, plot of the episode of Friday 31 May 2024

Jana and Maria will help Ramona recover while Candela and Simona will finally be able to share a room with Don Carlos. Bad news for Salvador: the surgery that could restore his sight costs too much, and now? Feliciano will have a small accident which will cause a reversal in the behavior of the servants. Alonso and Cruz, in the meantime, will continue to strive for defend Martina and make her stay with them. Will they succeed?

All the ingredients for an exciting week are there! We remind you that, as we anticipated in our dedicated article, The promise, from today, it will go on air from 15pm for around two hours, until almost 17pm. And it will be like this for at least two weeks!

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