Terra Amara, plot of the May 10th episode on Canale 5

Abdulkadir under arrest in Bitter Land

Tonight, Friday 10 May 2024, the highly anticipated evening appointment returns with the fourth (and final) season of Bitter land. In what is a real ride towards the finale, let's prepare for one unmissable XL episode. In fact, everything will happen, with Betul trying to kill Zuleyha (but failing!) and with Abdulkadir's escape always in the foreground. Curious to know more? Here's what will happen!

Bitter Earth, plot May 10: Abdulkadir escapes, Hakan under suspicion

During last Sunday's episode of Bitter land we witnessed thearrest of Abdulkadir for the murder of Ali Rahmet Fekeli. An imprisonment which, however, will not last long since, as we will see, during a transfer, the man manages to escape, with the complicity of Vahap. The two will hide in the mountains while Fikret, learned of what happened, he will suspect that Hakan is behind Abdulkadir's escape. Be careful because the words of the Fekeli will insinuate several doubts in Zuleyha too: what if the red man was right?

Betul attempts to kill Zuleyha

Betul will implement her plan to get rid of Zuleyha, once and for all. After putting Colak out of the game and stealing his gun will set a trap for Altun. An accomplice will go to Zuleyha and tell her that by going to the forest, she will be able to meet her boss who will reveal to her where Abdulkadir is hiding.

Cetin will offer to accompany Altun, making Betul tremble and fear that the plan may fail. The fact is that Zuleyha will reach the meeting placeor where she will find, however, waiting for her Betul who will point the gun at her (the one stolen from Colak). Nothing, however, will go as hoped: Betul will flee and it will be at that point that both Colak and Zuleyha will promise that this time he will pay for it.

A mysterious man shoots Colak in Bitter Land

Definitely lighter mood for the scenes they will feature Gaffur busy preparing to take a photo which will then be attached to one of its own announcement on the marriage bulletin board of the newspaper. The man will be the protagonist of a real photo shoot after which, however, the unthinkable will happen. In the street, a man will reach Colak: between the two, apparently, there is an unfinished business for which Colak himself will be hit in the chest by a gunshot. Will he die?

We'll find out very soon! We remind you that theappointment with Terra Amara is for tonight, on Canale 5, starting at 21pm about. We also remind you that for the first time ever, immediately afterwards one will be broadcast for the first time super evening episode of Endless Love, leaving from approximately 23pm.

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