Terra Amara towards the finale, plot of the evening episode of May 24th

Zuleyha bewildered in Bitter Land
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Today is Friday and, as for several weeks now, the appointment for fans of Bitter land it will be unmissable. In the evening of Channel 5in fact, one will be broadcast new XL episode, starting at 21pm approximately which, little by little, will ferry us towards the grand finale of the Turkish soap (postponed to the month of June).

Very intense moments are anticipated in what, today 24 May 2024, it will be a slightly shorter episode than usual. In fact, it will end around 23pm when a new evening episode of Endless Love will begin. But what will happen? Let's find out!

Terra Amara May 24, a special gift from Zuleyha

Hakan is dead a few weeks before the wedding of zuleyha and, in today's episode, Altun will learn from her lawyer that her husband left her a very large assets indeed. An important moment for the entire town of Cukurova as Zuleyha will make a shocking decision: he will donate all the inheritance to the country so as to be able to guarantee a better future for all its inhabitants. Choice that will make her even more loved: everyone will praise her!

Gaffur and Gulsum arguing?

As usual, a "nice" mood that will involve the awkward gaffur who, finally, after Saniye's death and after having resisted the pressure of Rasit's cousin, will feel a new interest in a woman. Too bad that Gulsum herself will be furious with him and she will think she has been fooled. We will discover, after a while, that the "almost argument" It arose between the two due to a misunderstanding: there was simply confusion about the meeting place! And now?

Fikret changes his life and gets engaged in Terra Amara

The relationship between Zeynep and Fikret will continue. For the redhead, then, it will be time to make a radical choice for his life. He will ask the girl to marry him and, for this, he will buy an engagement ring. First of all, however, she will decide to "undress" herself from her past and tell her everything about her life before meeting her.

An attack on Lutfiye in Bitter Land

Lutfiye will continue to be in Colak's sights. After the restaurant closes, the man will believe that the mayor was the one who caused it and, for this reason, he will order an attack against him. He will order one of his henchmen to loosen the wheel bolts of his car with the aim of causing an accident. But be careful, the woman will manage to save herself thanks to Fikret who, suspecting the man's bad intentions, asked the prosecutor to entrust a personal escort to her aunt.

When Cevat goes to tamper with Lutfiye's car, he will be caught by the gendarmerie. It will be time for confessions: the man will have no difficulty in clarifying that the instigator of everything is none other than anyone else Colak which, in this way, will be arrested.

Betul on the run

After Hakan's murder, the life of Betul it won't continue to be easy. The woman will have become a full-fledged fugitive. Accompanied by Abdulkadir and Vahap, it will be time for her to try to get out of Türkiye and take refuge in Syria. To do this they will use counterfeit documents. Will they succeed?

This is what awaits us with the new episode of Terra Amara. Apparently the emotions will not be long in coming: we will experience them and see some beautiful ones!

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