Un Posto al Sole, previews and spoilers from 13 to 17 May

Ida, Tommaso and Roberto in Un Posto al Sole
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A Place in the Sun will be back this week from 13 to 17 May 2024, to excite us with new episodes full of exciting twists. The great protagonists will be the investigations into the attempted murder of Diana but not only! We will, in fact, witness the Rossella's declaration of love to Nunzio and to one Ida's surprising decision who will decide to take the child back. How will Roberto react? Are you curious to find out? Follow us because we are about to reveal it to you!

Rossella declares herself to Nunzio in Un Posto al Sole

Time for new awareness for Rossella who, once the fear of kidnapping has passed, will finally decide to live his life as he always wanted and will, for this reason, make an incredible decision. Silvia's daughter he will declare himself to Nunzio, generating, at the same time, resentful feelings in Riccardo. In fact, there will be a significant clash between the two boys which will only subside thanks to Ornella's intervention.

Diana awakens from a coma

Eugenio will be increasingly involved in the investigations about the attempted murder of Diana. A real brain teaser! Helping him untangle the problem will be a completely unexpected person but everything will be simplified by the improvement of the conditions of Diana who will finally wake up from a coma.

Mariella is increasingly jealous of Claudia

Due to a completely unexpected event, Mariella will be increasingly jealous of Claudia. And she will have reason for it since Guido seems increasingly attracted to the Costa.

Clara in trouble in A Place in the Sun?

Clara she will finally be ready to make a change in her life. After Eduardo's choice to become a collaborator with justice, it will be time for her too enter the protection program. But be careful: Curcio will have no way to warn her ex! Trouble ahead?

Ida and Diego against Roberto Ferri

While Marina will still be on holiday with Alice, at the Ferri house the arguments between Ida and Roberto they will continue. At a certain point the straw will come that will break the face and Ida will make a shocking decision about her future and that of Tommy. Which? We anticipate that Ferri will do everything to change her mind!

Eugenio and Viola get back together?

Eugene and Viola, thanks to everything that happened, they will get closer but everything will be interrupted, once again, by a completely unexpected event. Damiano, for his part, will begin to have his first hesitations and to think that Viola and Eugenio, after all, are and will always be a family.

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