Un Posto al Sole, previews and spoilers from 27 to 31 May

Raffaele and Diego A place in the sun
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This was a week full of intense twists and turns from 27 to 31 May 2024 for fans of A Place in the Sun. Be careful because Palazzo Palladini will really risk losing its beloved goalkeeper: something, in fact, will convince Raffaele to hand in his resignation and a unexpected return, then, will risk bringing havoc in the life of Rossella.. What will happen? Let's find out together!

Clara in trouble in Un Posto al Sole, Alberto has discovered everything!

After a few days of break, we will return to witness the reversals in the life of Clara. The decision of enter the protection program together with Eduardo, in fact, he will begin to bring the first terrible consequences for Curcio. Alberto, in fact, will find out everything and will go into a rage, also staging a tough fight with Niko. Immediately afterwards, Palladini will have no qualms about threatening Clara: how?

Raffaele makes a shocking decision: will he resign?

What happened between Raffaele and Roberto will have serious consequences for Palazzo Palladini and its inhabitants. RobertoIn fact, he will report the entire condominium since no one voted to fire him Raphael. Jordan, however, he will not be willing to allow everyone to pay for his mistake and, for this reason, he will make an incredible decision: he will leave his job as goalkeeper voluntarily, resigning.

Guido is increasingly attracted to Claudia

Guido and Claudia will be increasingly closer. A situation that has already risked degenerating and which will continue to divert Del Bue from his duties towards his wife. It will be Bice, speaking with Mariella, who will urge her not to remain helpless and to act to prevent the inevitable from happening.

Nunzio intends to help Diana in A Place in the Sun

Diana will be in slow recovery but the path ahead will seem uphill now more than ever. Luckily Nunzio will always be there to be close to her who, precisely with the aim of cheering her up, he will organize a wonderful surprise for her. We are really curious to discover it!

Have Ida and Diego reached the end of the line?

The tensions between Raffaele and Roberto will have serious repercussions on the relationship between Ida and Diego that, at some point, they will seem to have reached the end of the line. Ida will make a very serious decision for her future while Diego, after an initial moment of hesitation, he will decide to stay next to the girl and help her carry on her fight against the Irons.

Riccardo's ex-wife returns to Naples in Un Posto al Sole

The sentimental situation of Rossella will be uncertain at best. Nunzio's closeness to Diana will not work in his favor and, now, another unexpected event will turn her life upside down. Graziani, in fact, will find out that Virginia, Riccardo's ex-wife, will have just arrived in Naples. And now? What will he do? Is it possible that this news will leave you indifferent?

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