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A Place in the Sun it fascinates us night after night with episodes full of suspense and twists. If you are passionate about the events of Palazzo Palladini and its surroundings, sit back in your armchair because next week, from 3 to 7 June 2024, the previews herald unmissable events. Warning: we will witness the return of Lara Martinelli and something will upset Luca.. But not only! Let's find out all the details together.

Shock at Un Posto al Sole, Lara returns to Palazzo Palladini

Fans of Un Posto al Sole tremble: Lara Martinelli will return to Naples. But he will not do it on his own initiative given that Diego and Ida will contact her. The hope of the two young people will be that the woman will want to testify on their behalf to help them obtain custody of little Tommy. But will Lara agree to do it?

Does Rossella want to win Riccardo back?

Rossella won't have a good time on a sentimental level. Since she literally left Riccardo at the altar she has been alone and she will be the oneVirginia's arrival in Naples, Riccardo's ex-wife, to unleash a great storm in her. Graziani she will be jealous and will seem determined in her next goal: to win Riccardo back. But him? What will he think? We anticipate that there will be a long confrontation between the two during which Rossella will be taken aback.

Do Mariella and Guido break up in Un Posto al Sole?

Silvia has decided to host Claudia. A gesture made to help the girl but which will put her even more a spokes in Mariella's wheel. In fact, between Altieri and her husband, things will get worse and worse and the nightmare of divorce will be ever closer. Will Guido really be enchanted by his friend Claudia? And what will be Costa's true intentions?

Marina and Roberto worried about Lara's return

The return of Lara Martinelli into their lives will give a significant jolt to the tranquility of Marina and Roberto Ferri. Spouses will be terrified by the woman's possible intentions who, however, will admit to Giordano that she is very sorry for her past behavior. Will she be sincere? It's unclear, and she won't be for a while! Certainly, however, the fact that Diego, at a certain point, will try to take a step back: involving Lara may not have been a good idea.

New health drama for Luca

For a couple of weeks the life of Luca It seemed to go on without any problems. His illness, in fact, left him calmer than usual but will return, very soon, to manifest itself. And he will in a very particular moment to the point that Ornella, already suspicious of the conditions of the head doctor at San Filippo, will begin to suspect something!

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