A place in the Sun, previews of episodes of 20 and 21 May

Roberto Ferri of Un Posto al Sole
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This week at "Un posto al sole" big surprises await us, let's find out what will happen! Roberto Ferri and Raffaele will come to blows, unleashing a series of completely unexpected consequences. Diego will try to convince Ida to leave Ferri's apartment, while Damiano will be anxious about his affair with Viola, threatened by the rapprochement between her and her ex-husband Eugenio.

They will be really intense days, let's see the plots in detail.

The clash between Roberto and Raffaele arrives

The episode of Monday May 20 will start with one heated clash between Roberto Ferri and Raffaele. The tension between the two will explode in a violent physical altercation, involving even those who have nothing to do with the dispute. Their family members will intervene to separate them, but the consequences will be inevitable: Roberto, enraged, he will threaten to take legal action against Raffaele, putting his position at Palazzo Palladini at risk.

Roberto and Raffaele from a place in the sun arguing

Diego tries to convince Ida to leave the apartment

Tuesday May 21, the situation does not improve. Roberto Ferri will be determined to move legally against Raffaele, despite Filippo and Renato's attempts to calm him down. The only solution could come from Diego, who he will try to convince Ida to leave Ferri's apartment, hoping to avoid further conflicts.

Problems between Damiano and Viola who gets closer to Eugenio

Damiano he is increasingly worried about his relationship with Viola. After seeing a rapprochement between Viola and her ex-husband Eugenio, the fear of losing her torments him. The relationship between the two ex-spouses seems to be strengthening and on social media, fans of the soap are divided: there are those who are rooting for the flashback between Viola and Eugene and who supports the couple Viola and Damiano.

Mariella's jealousy

In the meantime, Mariella is increasingly jealous of the friendship between the husband Guido and Claudia. The closeness between the two old friends it is creating friction in the couple, especially because Claudia often asks for Guido's help, even going so far as to be accompanied to an audition. A situation that it makes Mariella feel insecure and suspicious, which increases the tension in their relationship.

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