Verissimo, last episode, guests and interviews on May 25th and 26th

Silvia Toffanin Very true

Here we are at the last appointment with the "unpublished" episodes of Very true. Today Saturday 25 May and tomorrow, Sunday 26 May 2024in fact, they will be broadcast the last two episodes of this season. Silvia Toffanin will still be on air until almost the end of June with the best interviews of the year in reruns. But who will be guests this weekend? And what will happen? Let's find out with the latest previews.

Very true, the guests of Saturday 25 May 2024

Considering that Sunday's event will be a "special" one, the episode of Verissimo of sSaturday 25 May 2024 it will be the last one to be broadcast in the same style as ever. Guests who will follow one another in the studio and who will open up in all-round interviews, ready to excite us. Here's who will arrive at Silvia Toffanin today.

  • Nostalgic for 2000s dance music, are you ready to rediscover one of the favorites of those wonderful years? After a long period of absence from the stage due to serious health problems, he will arrive at Verissimo Gigi D'Agostino. For him it will be time for a heart-pounding interview: can we also "escape" some of his best-known successes?
  • Silvia Toffanin's meeting with is highly anticipated David gandy who conquered the whole Bel Paese as the protagonist of the D&G commercial.
  • She recently blew out 30 candles and will be ready for an exciting confrontation Elettra Lamborghini.
  • After a fight against the disease that exhausted them but never made them lose their smile, two women are arriving, a symbol of strength and courage, Carolina Marconi and Carolyn Smith.
  • After the choice a Men and women, will arrive in the studio Daniele Paudice together with the girl he chose, the beautiful one Gaia Gigli.

Silvia Toffanin's guests on Sunday 26 May 2024

The one of Sunday 26 May 2024 it will be a very special episode of Verissimo. In fact, it will be completely dedicated to Friends of Maria De Filippi, the most famous school in Italy which closed its doors just a week ago with the singer's victory Sara Toscano. Together with her, the other 5 finalists were also present: Marisol (winner of the dance category), Petit, Holden, Dustin, Midas.

In the studio, Silvia Toffanin will also host the Amici professors: Lorella Cuccarini, Emanuel Lo, Alessandra Celentano, Rudy Zerbi, Raimondo Todaro and Anna Pettinelli. One of the most loved judges of this edition, Christian Malgioglio, will be the protagonist of unmissable moments.

The ingredients for a last appointment not to be missed are all there. We remind you that the appointment with Verissimo is for today and tomorrow, on Canale 5, starting at 16pm approximately and that, starting from next weekend (until June 23, 2024) there will be space to review the best interviews of the season. The appointment with the new episodes, as usual, from September.

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