The Bold and the Beautiful, previews and spoilers from June 10rd to 16th

Thomas Beautiful

Beautiful has given us quite a few twists in recent weeks. The sentimental situation of Ridge, the great protagonist, is archived, at least for the moment from 10 to 16 June 2024 it will be their son, Thomas. The boy will be faced with a completely unexpected decision from Douglas. Which? Let's find out together with the latest previews.

Shock in Beautiful, Douglas makes an unexpected choice

The week of The Bold and the Beautiful will feature a truly incredible decision by little Douglas. After what happened and the chaos created by his father Thomas against Brooke, the little boy will make an unexpected request before Judge Gomez. In front of Liam, Hope, Thomas and Steffy, the child will ask to go live with Aunt Steffy.

A real shock to both Thomas and Hope. The judge will therefore let everyone compare themselves to try to reach a compromise. But will they succeed? Thomas certainly doesn't since, at a certain point, he will leave in a rage. And Hope? He will only have one chance: to spend the last night with Douglas who will then go to live with his aunt, his guardian.

Deacon rudely rejected by Sheila

We know well the relationship that linked Deacon and Sheila during the woman's hiding. The two will find themselves alone again when Sheila will surprise Deacon in his apartment. The man will express how much he misses her and will understand that it will be the same for Carter.

Deacon will try to approach but Sheila will reject him claiming that, now, she is exclusively committed to Bill. The woman will have a very strong reaction and she will leave that house leaving Deacon after having poured many bad words at him.

sheila by beautiful
Sheila in Beautiful (Source: Mediaset Infinity)

A warning for Thomas

Random but tough meeting between Eric and Thomas. Forrester senior will try to make his nephew understand that, at present, his efforts will have to focus on regaining the trust of those he has hurt while leaving the issue of Douglas' custody on the sidelines.

While the little one will move into his new home (leaving Hope desperate!) and Brooke and Taylor will discuss the latest events, we will have to be particularly careful. Thomas will not give weight to his grandfather's advice who had suggested that he not go to Steffy's house to see Douglas, at least for the moment, and he will show up at his sister and Finn's villa. How will they react?

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