Beautiful, plots of the week from 10th to 15th June

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Beautiful has kept us glued to the TV for decades now and its stories seem more and more engaging. Here are the plots, in detail, of the episodes that await us from 10 to 15 June. Prepare yourself: a twist will shock you!

The Bold and the Beautiful, plot of the episode of Monday 10 June 2024

What tension at the Forrester house! After the chat with the mother, steffy he will have asked Brooke to try to convince Taylor not to report himself to the police for shooting Bill. The young woman will then search comfort in Finn's arms who, as always, will be ready to stand by her. But be careful: Taylor will write a suicide note and take some pills. What will happen to her?

The Bold and the Beautiful, plot of the episode of Tuesday 11 June 2024

Today we will unravel the mystery of Taylor's pills. Brooke, in fact, will come to her to talk to her but will find her asleep and, what's more, with a bottle of pills next to her. A scene that will scare Logan so much that she will think that her friend wanted to commit suicide. Everything, however, will become clear immediately: Taylor will wake up. It will be at that point that Brooke will make her an unexpected proposal: to move in with her.

The Bold and the Beautiful, plot of the episode of Wednesday 12 June 2024

Taylor will be thrilled for Brooke's proposal but, despite this, will ask for a few days to reflect what to do. Meanwhile, Deacon will go see Sheila at Bill's house while Steffy, speaking with Finn, will say she is worried, this time, about Thomas' intentions both towards her son and the whole family.

Thomas Beautiful
Thomas Forrester in Beautiful (Mediaset Infinity)

The Bold and the Beautiful, plot of the episode of Thursday 13 June 2024

Thomas he will be more fierce than ever. He would like to have Douglas with him but will have to face resistance from Hope and Liam. It will be at that point that Thomas will propose to go before the judge and make Douglas choose who to be with. The little one will initially have one opinion: he will tell Hope that he wants to continue to be with her. But will he really go like this?

The Bold and the Beautiful, plot of the episode of Friday 14 June 2024

Liam, Hope, Thomas and Steffy will be in court. The young Forrester would like his sister to side with him and will put pressure on Douglas. For her part, young Hope will do the same. It will be a difficult time for Douglas who will literally be on tilt.

The Bold and the Beautiful, plot of the episode of Saturday 15 June 2024

It will be in today's episode that we will be shocked. Douglas will declare, in front of the judge, that he does not want to live with Thomas but not even with Hope. Instead he will say that I wanted to go to Aunt Steffy's: a surprising choice that will affect everyone! Douglas himself will be at the center of a conversation between Lì and Finn while Sheila, missing Deacon, decides to surprise him. Which?

We'll find out very soon. We remind you that theappointment with Beautiful is every day, starting at around 13pm, on Canale 45.

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