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June 10, 2024 is a fundamental date for Italy and Europe. After a weekend of voting, today we will find out the results of the European elections, regional in Piedmont and administrative in the main Italian municipalities. An electoral appointment that involved millions of citizens and the attention is now entirely focused on the results, already released for the European elections, and on the analyzes that will follow.

With over 51 million voters called for the European elections, more than 17 million for the administrative ones and 3,6 million for the regional ones in Piedmont, this day will be full of updates and insights. The main national television networks offer complete coverage, here's where to see it.

RAI, coverage of the 2024 European Elections

Rai offers complete coverage throughout the day today, starting with Tg1 which will broadcast a special on the European elections from 06 until 30, and then again at 10.

Rai 2 will continue with its election special from 10:00 to 12:00, while good morning Italy e Good morning Region su Rai 3 they will update us at 7:00 and 7:30 respectively. Following, Agora on Rai 3 it will have a window on the vote from 8:00 to 10:00, and then again an electoral special from 12:25.

The afternoon up Rai 2 will be dedicated to the elections with a special from 16pm to 15pm. The day will end in style with Door to Door hosted by Bruno Vespa at 21pm, followed by other specials on Rai 2 e Rai 3 starting from 23pm and midnight.

Mediaset, coverage of the 2024 European Elections

cover of the fourth republic

Mediaset also offers in-depth coverage of election day. It starts with Tg 4 – Diary of the day, which will be broadcast from 15pm to 30pm, hosted by Giuseppe Brindisi, who will give us real-time updates on results and the first analyses.

In the early evening, at 20pm, Before tomorrow, hosted by Bianca Berlinguer, will keep us informed on developments in the elections. Immediately afterwards, up 4 network at 21pm, there will be Fourth Republic with Nicola Porro, who will offer a detailed overview of the election results, with live connections and discussions with studio guests.

La7, coverage of the 2024 European Elections

On La7, the main event was obviously the famous one Mentana Marathon began starting from 22: 30 on Sunday 9 June and continued throughout the night

On Monday evening, starting from 21pm, La15 will broadcast one Live Propaganda Special, which will offer an in-depth analysis of the results with the usual ironic and biting style of Diego Bianchi and his team.

SKY, coverage of the 2024 European Elections

Sky will also offer election day coverage. On Sky TG24, from early morning until late at night, we will have continuous updates on the election results. Programming includes election specials, analysis and commentary from experts throughout the day.

In particular, Sky TG24 will broadcast live specials starting at 6:00 am on June 10th, with hourly updates and links from the main electoral committees. In the afternoon, a special dedicated to the final results of the European and local elections will keep us informed on all the news. In prime time, Sky TG24 will offer an in-depth program with guests in the studio to discuss the political implications of the results and the possible consequences for the future of the country.

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