Endless Love, previews and spoilers from 10 to 16 June

Ozan from Endless Love
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Endless Love prepares for a week, that from 10 to 16 June 2024, which will have many twists in store for us. We will witness several changes in front and the establishment of a big lie: it will be Zeynep's towards the unaware Ozan. The young woman she will even pretend to be pregnant. But why? Let's find out together thanks to the latest previews of what awaits us.

Are Kemal and Nihan moving away?

When you are in love it is not at all easy not to be able to be together with the person you love! And we see it every day, in Endless Love, where there can be nothing between Nihan and Kemal, united by a very strong feeling. A relationship that has been based and will continue to be based on clandestinity. An aspect that will not please Kemal that, for the umpteenth time, he will ask Nihan to stay away from him, at least for a while. A decision that, however, the young woman will not be able to accept.

Nihan and Kemal spotted together in Endless Love

Despite the decision not to see each other for a while, Nihan will manage to get a meeting with Kemal by having him deliver a letter directly from Leyla (a great supporter of their love). The two will meet in Yasemin e's now desolate home they will, without their knowledge, be photographed together. And now? Asu will insist: we must publish the shots as soon as possible! The scandal is upon us!

Zeynep's big lie

Zeynep will continue her plan to take revenge as much as possible about Emir. In fact, since the boy made fun of her, he still hasn't forgiven him. Ozan will, in spite of himself, pay the price who will receive a n from the womanshocking news: his wife is pregnant. A big lie since Zeynep will simply pretend to be pregnant.

Ozan under blackmail in Endless Love

La Zeynep's fake pregnancy it will be part of a plan. By using it, in fact, the young woman will blackmail Ozan: she will tell him that she wants to abort her but that She will only keep the baby if he tells her every secret of his family. This will be, for her, a real proof of love. This will be how Zeynep will find out everything about her and she will be shocked by her husband's revelations.

Nihan in hospital

Nihan will have an accident and will be forced, against her will, into hospital. His condition, by the way, will be quite serious, to the point that it will be life threatening. What will happen to her?

Galip investigates Kemal

While Emir will be in prison (arrested for resistance), Galip will have one certainty: Kemal is a big problem for his son and that's why she will do everything to protect him. He will therefore begin to dangerously investigate Kemal who will be warned by Tufan: Galip's searches for him could really cause the worst. Despite it all it will be Emir who wants to meet Kemal: what will they say to each other?

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