Endless Love, plots of the week from 10 to 15 June

Nihan and Kemal close in Endless Love
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Endless Love is ready to surprise us with a new week, that one from 10 to 15 June 2024, made up of a thousand twists and incredible revelations. Self through deception Zeynep will learn the secrets of Ozan's family, to Nihan it will be time to deal with a terrible accident. He will fight, in the hospital, between life and death, will he be saved? Here are the daily plots in detail!

Endless Love, plot of the episode of Monday 10 June 2024

If until a few hours earlier things seemed to have taken a different turn, a new separation will be created between Kemal and Nihan. The young man will ask his ex to stay away from him, at least for a while, but it will be difficult for Nihan to accept it. During the last meeting they will be photographed from a journalist who would like to publish the scoop: does Emir's wife have a lover? Asu will be behind everything while for his part, with a stratagem, Tufan will be able to regain Emir's trust.

Endless Love, plot of the episode of Tuesday 11 June 2024

Growing jealousy in Banu towards the Tariks, annoyed to the max by the young woman's about-face which cost him prison. Nihan will ask Leyla to deliver a letter to Kemal. What will be written there? Finally, Kemal himself will shock everyone during the last company meeting: work will soon begin again.

Endless Love, plot of the episode of Wednesday 12 June 2024

It will be born today Zeynep's deception towards Ozan. The girl will pretend to be nauseous and feel sick: it will all be part of a plan in which she will pretend to be pregnant. A plan that will seem to be going swimmingly and for which the unaware Ozan will be very happy: he will not be able to believe that he will soon be a father. Too bad, though, that Zeynep will blackmail him: she will have an abortion if he doesn't tell her everything about his family and the secrets he hides.

Endless Love, plot of the episode of Thursday 13 June 2024

After the letter from Nihan, the young woman will be able to meet again Kemal inside a currently abandoned house. It will be here that Nihan she will ask Kemal to spend the night with her and it will be precisely during this that the two they will be photographed. This time the photos will be published and Asu will order it: everyone will have to know! Tufan, however, will not be of the same opinion.

Endless Love, plot of the episode of Friday 14 June 2024

La publication of photos who appear to witness a romantic encounter between Nihan and Kemal will cause chaos. Emir will find out, of course, and will decide to book the same hotel room as the object of the crime, then ordering Tarik to pick up Nihan and bring her to him. The news, however, will reach the ears of Kemal who will also go there: he will want to prevent further repercussions from Emir on Nihan and face his rival, once and for all.

Endless Love, plot of the episode of Saturday 15 June 2024

Bad accident for Nihan who, pressured by Emir, will end up fighting, in hospital, between life and death. In a situation that will degenerate, Emir will be arrested and he will order his men to guard his wife's room to prevent Kemal from going to visit her. Ozan, in the meantime, will have revealed all the family secrets to Zeynep, including the murder that would see him as a murderer. He will then beg her not to leave him!

Galip will be increasingly worried for his son, certain that Kemal is plotting something big against him. Own Kemal will find an incredible ally in Tufan: from these he will receive confirmation of the fact that Galip is investigating him but not only that! Thanks to some clues he will understand that he himself is Nursen's son: a shocking discovery that will undermine the balance of Tufan. Who betrayed him?

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