The Promise, plots of the week from 10 to 14 June

Jana and Manuel at La Promessa
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The promise is preparing to keep us company with a new week full of unexpected twists. For Jana and everyone else a dramatic moment will begin with the disappearance of Pia's son. Someone kidnapped him, but who? And why will Petra be the only one to hinder the research? Let's find out together with the daily plots, from 10 to 14 June 2024.

The Promise, plot of the episode of Monday 10 June 2024

Pia finally gave birth to her son but the birth was complicated to the point that a long convalescence will be necessary. Jana will take care of the little one for now. The maid will be in the servants' room where everyone will welcome the little one when Jimena and Manuel also arrive, eager for news. Jimena will take the newborn in her arms but will have a completely unexpected reaction: he will run away!

Cruz will have quite a bit to say to Abel: he will accuse him of neglecting Jimena's pregnancy to instead deal almost exclusively with Pia. Ramona, in the meantime, will recover and communicate her intention to leave Lujan as soon as possible. At La Promessa the reproaches will not be over: he will also be called back Mauro guilty, according to Teresa, of not treating Feliciano as he should. Words that will affect him to the point that he will make a decision: he will teach the young man the trade and it will stop tormenting him.

The Promise, plot of the episode of Tuesday 11 June 2024

Heart problems for Fernando who will be saved from certain death only thanks to Margarita's intervention. An event that will deeply touch Don Alonso who, for the first time, will understand that he loves his brother. Hot revelations at the estate: Don Carlos will return to apologize to Candela but, surprisingly, it will be the woman who apologizes to him. And not only: she will also reveal to him that she is in love with him.

Ultimatum coming for Jana from Ramona and Jimena will look for a solution to his problems and she will think about faking an abortion. Pia will be improving but not yet in shape: everyone will try to help her as much as possible, especially Candela.

The Promise, plot of the episode of Wednesday 12 June 2024

Drama at the Palace. In fact, while Candela will look after the child, she will fall asleep and when she wakes up the little one will no longer be there. A shock for everyone: everyone will get busy looking for the newborn, deciding, however, not to say anything, for the moment, to the Marquises. Jana won't be able to get the answers she seeks from Ramona while A letter with an important seal will arrive at the estate.

This will be a communication from Antonio de Caevajal y Cifuentes who will announce his arrival, in view of the upcoming wedding with Martina. The preparations will then begin! Since no one found Pia's baby, Don Romulo will go to report his disappearance to the Civil Guard while, unexpectedly, Manuel will find a valid confidant in Abel.

The Promise, plot of the episode of Thursday 13 June 2024

Cruz will be more and more insistent with Jimena: would like him to let Abel visit him. No news, in the meantime, of Pia's son who seems to have disappeared into thin air! Feliciano will be increasingly immersed in his new task and will take care of Don Fernando to perfection: for him, moreover, a surprise on the horizon. Don Alonso will be increasingly inclined to make peace with his brother, under Catalina's advice. Jana will change tactics and show up at Ramona's house with Curro, introducing him as her brother Marcos. Will she change anything?

The Promise, plot of the episode of Friday 14 June 2024

Despite hopes, Ramona will not change his mind but, on the contrary, he will warn Curro and Jana to be very careful. Everything will be ready for Antonio's arrival while Petra will try, in every way, to hinder the search for the newborn. In the general turmoil, something completely unexpected will happen: Jimena, with a ruse, will manage to attract Manuel and will spend a night of passion with him.

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