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The countdown has finally begun new edition of Temptation Island, the docu-reality of temptations chosted by Filippo Bisciglia. We finally know when the first episode will air, which is Thursday June 27, 2024 in prime time su Channel 5.

The news was confirmed by Tvblog, which announced the rescheduled broadcast compared to previous years.

The change in broadcasting

Traditionally, Temptation Island aired on Monday nights, but this year there will be something new. The first episode of the new edition will be broadcast Thursday June 27 2024.
The decision to move the broadcast to Thursday aims to capture the attention of an even wider audience, given the decline in viewers in recent editions.

Who are the participating couples?

Six couples will put their feelings to the test in the village, even if at the moment only the first five have been presented on social media.

The first couple of Temptation Island

Syria Pingo and Matteo Vitali, engaged for 7 years, are the first couple. She decided to participate because, after a series of big changes, she wants to understand if her boyfriend still accepts her as she is today.

The second couple of Temptation Island

Jenny Guardiano and Tony Renda, engaged for 5 years and coming from Catania, form the second couple. She wrote to the program because her boyfriend is always surrounded by many girls.

The third couple of Temptation Island

The third pair is made up of Christian Lanfranchi and Ludovica Ronzitti. He decided to write to the program after being dumped twice and after discovering that his girlfriend, on both occasions, cheated on him with the same person.

The fourth couple of Temptation Island

The fourth couple is made up of Raul Dumitras and Martina De Ioannon, engaged for about ten months and coming from Rome. She decided to participate due to his strong jealousy.

The fifth couple of Temptation Island

Finally, there are Alex and Victoria. It was she who wrote to the production of the reality show, who explained that she wanted a definitive answer from her boyfriend to understand whether he really wants to be with her or not.

Here is the list of Temptation Island 2024 couples

  1. Syria Pingo and Matteo Vitali: engaged for 7 years, she wants to understand if her boyfriend accepts her after a series of changes.
  2. Jenny Guardiano and Tony Renda: engaged for 5 years, she is worried about the attention her boyfriend receives from other girls.
  3. Christian Lanfranchi and Ludovica Ronzitti: he wants to understand if he can trust his girlfriend after having been cheated on twice with the same person.
  4. Raul Dumitras and Martina De Ioannon: engaged for ten months, she participates due to his strong jealousy.
  5. Alex and Victoria: She seeks a definitive answer from her boyfriend about their relationship.

The mystery of the sixth couple

Waiting to discover the sixth and final official pair of the new edition of Temptation island, the enthusiasm among the fans of the program is sky high. The previews and speculations on social media are not long in coming, everyone is wondering who will be the last protagonists ready to test their feelings in the village of temptations.

Who are the tempters and temptresses

For the tempters and temptresses who will fly to Sardinia is still a mystery. Despite numerous speculations, the production has not yet released official details on the participants who will try to put the couples in crisis.

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