Un Posto al Sole, previews and spoilers from 10 to 14 June

Desperate Luca in Un Posto al Sole
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Truth, deception, disconcerting discoveries and more: there are many ingredients that will enliven the new week of A Place in the Sun. Based on the previews, in fact, it seems that from 10 to 14 June 2024, episodes not to be missed await us, full of suspense. Attention: Luca's secret about his illness will come to light. What will happen now? Let's find out together.

Ornella discovers the truth about Luca

Luca De Santis is affected, as we know very well, by Alzheimer's disease. Having discovered this literally shocked him: his life underwent a radical change even if, in the last few weeks, the manifestations of the disease seemed to have stopped. After the last episode, however, Ornella's suspicions will increase. The head doctor is hiding something and the latest events he witnessed confirm this. For this reason, the doctor will seek a confrontation with Giulia.

He will find out everything and will be speechless. Among other things, he will not agree with Luca's decision to continue working. His problems could cause serious harm to patients!

Roberto fears losing Tommy in A Place in the Sun

Diego and Ida turned to Lara to look to her for help in an attempt to gain custody of Tommy. We will see Martinelli's response which will kick off a completely new phase of Un Posto al Sole. Roberto will be in a panic: he will truly be terrified of losing Tommaso.

Guido determined to get back into shape

Guido he will really seem to be another person. The policeman will make a decision that will shock everyone: he will commit himself to get back in shape for the summer. He will find it right in Claudia an ally to do it with and for the two it will be yet another opportunity to spend time together.

Jimmy and Niko argue in A Place in the Sun

The relationship with Valeria will continue to absorb completely Niko. Precisely in view of yet another departure for a holiday he will create one unpleasant situation with Jimmy. Poggi's son will be against his father's decision and will express his dissent: an unprecedented discussion will arise! In the end he will come out shocked: not even Grandma Giulia will be able to calm him down.

Roberto withdraws the complaint against Raffaele

Roberto had reported Raffaele for the attack suffered and the threat of a trial loomed over the doorman of Palazzo Palladini. In a completely unexpected way, however, Ferri will decide to withdraw the complaint: everyone will feel relieved by this gesture. But what is really behind it?

Clara and Eduardo will soon be married

The days pass and with them comes closer the moment of the wedding between Clara and Eduardo. The two will be practically ready to face a completely new chapter in their lives. Too bad, though, that Alberto might not agree and might do something unpredictable to avoid losing little Federico. What will happen? Will the wedding take place?

We'll find out very soon! We remind you that the appointment with A Place in the Sun it's for every day, from Monday to Friday, from around 20pm onwards, on Rai Tre.

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