Un Posto al Sole, previews and spoilers from 24 to 28 June

Clara in A Place in the SUN
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Wagons of emotions and twists in the week of Un Posto al Sole from 24 to 28 June 2024. This is confirmed by the previews which, as of now, seem to promise really well! Trouble lies ahead for Clara who will enter, together with little Federico, into the sights of the boss Torrente. Downsizing, however, for Claudia who will have to leave Guido alone. How come? Let's find out together!

Roberto Ferri's afterthought in Un Posto al Sole

Roberto Ferri will be increasingly tight. The entrepreneur will soon realize that he is left practically alone fighting to keep little Tommaso with him. The actions that have seen him as protagonist in recent weeks, in fact, will have irremediably distanced him from Marina too. After having unleashed all his desire for revenge against a journalist who attacked him, However, he will realize that he is doing everything wrong. Luckily, we'll say! Ferri, in fact, will be able to reunite with his wife!

An unexpected proposal for Lara

The path of Lara in the convent, apparently seeking redemption for all the evil committed in his life, will continue quite quickly. During the week, however, we will witness an incredible twist. After Martinelli she will have opened up to Sister Maura about everything that torments her, the nun herself he will make her a truly incredible proposal. What will it ever be?

Ida and Diego think about the future

Things with Roberto Ferri and the attempt to have Tommaso full time in their life will continue to promise very well. It will be for this reason that for Ida and Diego it will be a particularly positive week. The two young people, in fact, they will open their hearts to the future that will begin, for the first time, to see rosy.

Claudia downsized by Silvia and Michele

What is the right attitude towards friends? Naturally that of helping, when necessary, to avoid making mistakes. And that's exactly what they will do Sylvia and Michael who will speak clearly with Claudia, fearing that Guido could permanently compromise his marriage. Silvia himself will speak with Claudia will thus be forced to downsize her relationship with Del Bue.

Clara threatened by the boss

While the police will still try to track down Torrente, the results will be slow in arriving despite Eduardo's tip-offs and Damiano's intervention. In fact, the situation will get much worse when the boss manages to threaten Clara and little Federico, about to enter the fateful protection program. His goal? Take revenge on Sabbiese and his betrayal. On the day of departure something will happen that will change everything forever….

Luca De Santis in danger in A Place in the Sun?

How delicate are the conditions of Luca De Santis? Undoubtedly a lot! This week his illness will manifest itself again, to the point that the head doctor will be in danger. In fact, he will risk making mistakes when Iolanda will feel ill and will need urgent help. Rossella and Ornella will be able to avoid the worst?

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