Un Posto al Sole, plots of the week from 3 to 7 June

Guido and Claudia of Un Posto al Sole
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Fans of A Place in the Sun, are you ready to find out what theIda and Diego's meeting with Lara? So hold on tight because this week, from 3 to 7 June 2024, the Neapolitan soap will literally keep you glued to the TV with twists and turns unmissable emotions. Also TMrs Guido and Claudia, then, the unforeseeable could happen! Let's find out together what will happen day by day!

UPAS, plot of the episode of Monday 3 June 2024

Ida and Diego they looked for Lara and found her. And it will be from here that the new week of Un Posto al Sole will start again. We will discover their intentions: convince Martinelli to testify before a judge to lighten Ida's position in view of the legal battle with Marina and Roberto. But will Lara accept? While The problems between Mariella and Guido will continue, for Rossella it will be time to deal with jealousy: Virginia's arrival in Naples will make her lose her mind!

Un Posto al Sole, plot of the episode of Tuesday 4 June 2024

Ida and Diego's plan will continue, despite the contrary opinion of Niko, their lawyer. What a shock for Marina and Roberto when they realize that Lara is back in their lives. Mariella will suffer from the closeness between Guido and Claudia and she will not seem willing to leave Del Bue alone... while Rossella will have a confrontation with Riccardo from which she will come out stunned. She will need Silvia's help, but why?

UPAS, plot of the episode of Wednesday 5 June 2024

Rossella will really find herself in a corner. Virginia's presence close to Riccardo and the fact that the girl is determined to win him back will force her to deal with her own feelings. While there will be a confrontation between Marina and Lara that promises to leave us speechless, they will arrive, for Diego the first second thoughts: What if involving Martinelli wasn't a good idea?

Un Posto al Sole, plot of the episode of Thursday 6 June 2024

Roberto will be furious: Lara's return to Naples will be a low blow that he will not be ready to tolerate and, for this reason, he will promise to take revenge. In what will continue to be a time of great confusion, for Rossella, however, a certainty will arrive: his relationship with Nunzio is compromised forever. A proposal from DianaIn fact, it will shock everyone. Warning: fears and anxiety will seem to be over Manuel and Rosa who will finally return to their home.

UPAS, plot of the episode of Friday 7 June 2024

Even if it will be very hard to admit, Roberto and Marina will be terrified by Lara's presence certain that his testimony could cause them to lose little Tommy. After weeks of relative respite, Luca De Santis will return, against his will, to deal with his illness. A new and unexpected episode will arrive and shock him. What will it be about?

We'll find out very soon. We remind you that the appointment with A Place in the Sun it's for every evening, from Monday to Friday, on Rai Tre, starting at 20pm about.

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