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Thomas in Beautiful
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Week full of twists that of Beautiful Preview from 8 to 14 July 2024. Warning: while Sheila and Deacon will indulge in passion, it will be decided Thomas' future at Forrester Creations. Everything will depend on Hope, but what will happen? Let's find out, day by day!

The Bold and the Beautiful, plot of the episode of Monday 8 July 2024

Good news could soon arrive in your life Finn. The doctor, in fact, could become primary but it scares him quite a bit. In fact, he will confess that he fears that something of this type would keep him too far from his family. Bad news for Hope: her figure isn't good and Steffy will communicate the suspension of the same, since there is no stylist capable of making it re-emerge. For this reason, Taylor and Thomas will also be present at the meeting.

The Bold and the Beautiful, plot of the episode of Tuesday 9 July 2024

Steffy will have a condition to keep Hope for the Future active. In fact, she will ask Hope to allow Thomas to return to being the stylist of the line. What will young Logan decide to do? Liam will be at Bill's house and will try to convince him to dump Sheila. But be careful: while Spencer will defend her to the bitter end, Carter will suddenly be at Deacon's house.

The Bold and the Beautiful, plot of the episode of Wednesday 10 July 2024

Sheila she will immediately demonstrate the reasons that led her to go to Deacon's house. She will confess to him, in fact, that she is not in love with him and that she, on the contrary, living with Spencer is starting to be completely unsustainable for her. Between Deacon and Sheila, at this point, there will be a kiss. The two will give in to passion just as Bill will tell Liam that if Sheila betrays him she will pay dearly.

Sheila confesses to killing Finn Beautiful
Sheila in Beautiful (Source: Mediaset Infinity)

The Bold and the Beautiful, plot of the episode of Thursday 11 July 2024

Episode focused on Hope's uncertainty regarding Steffy's proposal. The young Forrester will try in every way to convince her to accept... But it will be a much more difficult undertaking than expected. Will he succeed in the end?

The Bold and the Beautiful, plot of the episode of Friday 12 July 2024

To try to find an answer to your doubts, Hope will ask Thomas to speak one-on-one with him. It will be a pleasure for the boy to remind her of that from this moment on he has changed and that he will never, ever do anything that could harm his family.

The Bold and the Beautiful, plot of the episode of Saturday 13 July 2024

Thomas will also use Douglas to convince Hope claiming that it would be very important for the little one to see them again in peace. After letting themselves be overwhelmed by passion, however Deacon and Sheila it will be time to deal with reality. If their relationship were to come to light they would risk too much, even life. Taylor will talk to Brooke about Thomas's possible return to Forrester right alongside Hope, arguing how, this time, her son has really changed.

The Bold and the Beautiful, plot of the episode of Sunday 14 July 2024

Hope will be uncertain: it won't be a good time for her and, in all of this, she will find Liam ready to console her and promise her that Douglas will return to live with them very soon. The young man, on the other hand, will be worried about the relationship between Bill and Sheila. About this, Sheila will return home where she will find Bill, impatiently, waiting for her. What will happen?

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