Endless Love, previews and spoilers from 8 to 12 July

Zeynep in Endless Love
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Ready to discover the previews of Endless Love from 8 to 12 July 2024? Then make yourselves comfortable because we are about to reveal what will happen in the Turkish soap in the next few days. Be careful because while Zeynep will escape from the clinic where she should have had an abortion, Nihan and Emir will be involved in a car accident from which, fortunately, they will emerge unharmed but which will lead the plot to incredible upheavals. Let's discover them together!

Zeynep runs away from the clinic where she is having an abortion

Endless Love week will begin with the drama of Zeynep who will be accompanied to the clinic where she is supposed to have an abortion at the behest of Emir. The girl will vent to Asu by telling her what is happening to him and will receive help to escape from the clinic. The girl, however, will have to give some explanations to Kemal: she will tell him that she went to the clinic to abort her will because of Vildan. Will Kemal believe her? This truth, among other things, will shock Ozan who will go to visit his wife to Kemal's house where, in the meantime, she will have moved.

Emir and Nihan have an accident in Endless Love

Emir and Nihan will be in the car together but, at a certain point, they will be involved in an accident. Their car, in fact, ends up against a tree following problems with the brakes. The two will prevail and, indeed, this event will be a pretext, for Emir, to point the finger at Kemal who, according to him, wanted to kill him. However Kemal will be able to convince Emir of his innocence and, at this point, the blame will fall on the mysterious brother.

Kemal investigates the accident

The incident involving Emir and Nihan will give Kemal more material to investigate. Who sabotaged the car? AND Who, above all, witnessed the accident and then called for help? These will be the questions to which an answer will be sought. At a certain point, Zehir will find this man, a certain Nail. Together with Kemal he will go to his house but he will find a disabled person who will claim to have never left home. And now?

Fehime does not accept Banu as her daughter-in-law in Endless Love

Tarik will be happy with his relationship with Banu and, for this reason, he will decide to officially introduce the girl to the family. Too bad the young he will clash with his mother's hostility who will show his opposition from the first moment. He will never accept Emir's ex becoming his daughter-in-law.

Nihan catches Zeynep and Emir together

Zeynep's transfer from Kemal will lead Ozan to accuse Vildan and Nihan of forcing his wife to leave. Vildan will then ask a Nihan to convince Zeynep to return home and this is why, in the middle of the night, the girl enters Kemal's garden. Attention: he will find Zeynep together with Emir in the garden. The he will then take a photo and ask for explanations. Stormy air?

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